New To Gluten Free? Favorite Links and More!

Gluten free flours has come up a lot. Here is my best advise on substitutions:

Q- I don’t have the gluten free flour you use. Can I substitute a different gluten free flour in the recipe?

A– Unfortunately, gluten free baking is a lot like chemistry. There are dozens of gluten free flours out there and they all have different proportions of grains and starches. Sometimes chemical reactions occur. One example is a reader who wanted to try a recipe with lemons. She used Cup4Cup, which contains a lot of dry milk powder instead of the Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 flour. Her cake didn’t come out well because the lemon and milk reacted poorly together.

Another case is some gluten free flour blends do not contain xanthan gum. Without xanthan gum, gluten free baking is very crumbly and often the cookie or muffin made without will fall apart/not hold up.

If you are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity, you are no doubt confused, overwhelmed, and scared.

Two of the best resources of information for newly diagnosed gluten issues:

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to Going Gluten Free.
  2. Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California.

Important articles I have written to give you an ideas about cross contamination:

1. The Top 6 Questions to ask a pizza restaurant about cross contamination  – Just because a pizza restaurant has a gluten free pizza does not mean it is safe for you to eat.

2. Top 10 Scary Thing Restaurants Have Told Me – This will really make you aware of what can happen in the kitchen.

3. Gluten in the Wine Making Process – What you need to know about wines. Not only can gluten be an issue, but if you have an egg allergy, you need to read this article.

4. What to Know to Keep your Allergic Child Safe at that Overnight School Field Trip. – Know what you need to do to prepare for that overnight school field trip. Printable allergy cards, allergy reaction sheet, and more!

5. Top 7 Tips for Safe Gluten Free Dining at a Sushi Restaurant – Know how to avoid cross contamination while dining out at a sushi restaurant.

6. Our Family’s Gluten Free Adventure on a Carnival Cruise – Our four day cruise to Mexico was not as scary as we thought.

Gluten free foods have come a long way in the past few years. Many gluten free foods are delicious. Main stream grocery stores are carrying more and more gluten free options. Many stores such as Trader Joe’s, have huge lists of the gluten free foods they carry. Farmer’s markets have become a great place to find gluten free baked goods. Restaurants are coming up with separate gluten free menus, or guides to what is gluten free on their menus, and their chefs are often willing to adapt recipes for you.

Physicians who specialize in gluten related issues

  1. Dr. Sunjya Schweig is a general practitioner in the East Bay who specializes in getting to the root cause. He specializes in many areas including gluten related issues and Lyme Disease.

Bay Area Gluten Free Coach

Kim at Thriving Gluten Free is someone I trust to help an individual or family adjust to a gluten free lifestyle. She and her son both have numerous food allergies. Kim is knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly dedicated to helping people.

Specialty gluten free stores are popping up all around the Bay Area.

  1. Gluten Free Grocery in San Francisco.
  2. Beehive Health and Nutrition in South San Jose.
  3. I know this is out of the Bay Area, but Gluten Free Specialty Market in Sacramento is definitely worth the trip!

Gluten free bakeries in the Bay Area

  1. Zest Bakery in San Carlos. They have a huge assortment of treats and a great cafe.
  2. Mariposa Baking Company in Berkeley. (Just try their cinnamon rolls OMG!)
  3. Imagine It Bakery has a commercial kitchen in Santa Clara. They also sell at several Farmer’s Markets, including the Campbell Farmer’s Market.
  4. Bread Srsly makes and delivers homemade gluten free bread in SF and the East Bay. They also sell at many great locations.
  5. Edna’s Bakery sells gluten free goodness at several Bay Area Farmer’s Markets, including Campbell.
  6. Gluten Free Gourmet in Campbell. You can go in and buy ready made desserts from this dedicated gluten free kitchen.
  7. Miglet’s is a gluten free bakery and grocery store in Danville, CA.
  8. Flour Chylde Bakery in Novato, CA
  9. Aunti Gluten’s Bakery in Pleasanton, CA
  10. Bacano Bakery. Click link to see all of the farmer’s markets they sell at.
  11. Patti’s Perfect Pantry a bakery and cafe in Gilroy

Gluten free foods can be expensive. One thing our family does to save money is buy our favorite products in bulk at Their case pricing can add up to some great savings. Costco has become another recent source of gluten free bargains. They are now carrying gluten free breads, crackers, snacks, marinades, etc.

Hidden sources of gluten

Gluten can hide in many foods that you don’t suspect. Here are a few lists to review before you hit the grocery store.

  1. WebMD has a long list of hidden gluten.
  2. Cooking Light’s list of safe and not safe foods.


  1. Delight Magazine
  2. Gluten Free & More
  3. Simply Gluten Free
  4. Gluten Free Living

Celiac Issues

  2. National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
  3. Gluten labeling fact sheet by NFCA.

Noteworthy Articles for the Restaurant Industry

  1. 4 Steps to an FDA-approved gluten free menu
  2. Three ingredients for an allergy friendly restaurant
  3. Q&A: What the FDA’s gluten free labeling requirements mean for your restaurant

Converting your kitchen to gluten free

  1. Great article from to convert your kitchen.

Safe Food Handling Procedure Sheet

  1. Safe food handling procedure fact sheet

Here is a handy Allergy Fact Sheet.

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