Rendezvous Wine Bar in Campbell

Have you tried the new wine bar, Rendezvous, in downtown Campbell?


***Note, I had a friend tell me this restaurant has a new chef and they DO NOT cater to gluten free anymore. Please call them before you go.

This is the new hip and trendy place to be after 4:00 pm. Rendezvous is owned by the winery, Regale, in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Not only does Rendezvous offer Regale wines, but they have a wonderful assortment of wines that you can try by the glass. If you feel like tasting several wines, there are several wine flight options for you to try.

My husband and I were walking around early evening and stumbled upon this new wine bar. We went inside to look at the menu to see if there were any gluten free offerings. Little did we know we were in for a big treat.

rendezvous menu

My eyes went straight to the chicken sliders on gluten free buns…how could I resist that? The manager told me they get their gluten free breads from a bakery in Monterey.

(I am going to apologize for the dark food photos right now. This restaurant has ambiance down and the lighting is on the dark side.)

rendezvous sliders

The BBQ flavor in these sliders was perfectly balanced with the coleslaw. The gluten free buns were soft, light, and well, just amazing….there were not hard like most the typical gluten free bread.

rendezvous crostini

Crostini on gluten free baguette.

My husband and I sat at the bar and the bartender was wonderful at helping us identify which items on the menu were gluten free. (The bar had only been open a week so the staff was still learning.)

There was some back and forth as we learned simple things, like the Brussels sprouts, were not gluten free. It isn’t that there was an obvious gluten ingredient, but the chef couldn’t guarantee the pancetta was gluten free. I like that the restaurant leans on the side of caution when in doubt about an ingredient.

Our bartender was really knowledgeable about the wines they offered and was able to suggest several great wines for us to try.

Rendezvous seemed to understand how to keep gluten free separate to avoid cross contamination and I am happy to say neither of us had any reaction after eating here.

We are looking forward to coming back again soon. Hopefully we get there early enough that it is still bright and I can get better photos :-).



  1. Oh, how I’d love to visit that spot, Sandi! It sounds and looks just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your review with us! 🙂


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