The Village Pub’s Farm to Table Dishes Makes Gluten Free Dining Easy

The Village Pub in Woodside, CA is on my short list to visit on my next date night. Although the restaurant has “pub” in its name, this is misleading. The Village Pub is an upscale farm to table style restaurant that opened back in 2001. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is its […]

Interview: Joni Sare – Therapeutic Chef

Joni Sare is a therapeutic personal chef and caterer, who focuses on healing though the use of food. Joni is a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. Not only does she prepare nutritious meals for clients, but she also teaches nutrition and cooking classes at Kaiser, upscale appliance stores, and even […]

Level Two Steakhouse at the Oakland Marriott Tosses Out the Gluten!

Something incredible has happened at Level Two Steakhouse in the Oakland City Center Marriott. Level Two was converted to a certified Angus steakhouse two months ago. Strangely enough, it is the only steakhouse in Oakland. And even better news: Executive Chef Tony Kzaz has challenged himself to toss all gluten out of the kitchen while […]

Bakery Interview: Flour Craft Bakery

I had the chance to connect with Heather, owner of Flour Craft Bakery, up in San Anselmo, CA. Flour Craft is a dedicated gluten free bakery and cafe. Heather has been gluten free for the past fifteen years, way before there were any decent gluten free products on the market. She baked everything from scratch […]

E&O Asian Kitchen’s Prawn Salad Recipe

Executive Chef Sharon Nahm, of  E&O Asian Kitchen, created this dish and it has quickly become one of the most popular items on both their regular and their gluten free menus. I am sure it will quickly become a family favorite in your house….even my picky kids will eat this one :-). Chef Recipe: E&O […]

E & O Asian Kitchen Has a Gluten Free Menu with a Big Variety

I recently had the privilege to interview Executive Chef Sharon Nahm of E & O Asian Kitchen up in San Francisco.  She attended the California Culinary Academy, and has worked as a chef for the past seven years. She joined the E & O Asian Kitchen in order to pursue her love of cooking Asian […]

The Top 6 Questions to Ask When You Order Gluten Free Pizza

I have spoken to a lot of pizza restaurants touting gluten free pizza lately. You may have seen my post about the Top Ten Crazy Things Restaurants Have Said To Me.  I write a gluten free blog and I am building a database of restaurants that outlines the safe gluten handling practices by Bay Area […]

Eddie Papa’s Rhode Island White Bean and Kale Stew Recipe

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout’s gluten free Rhode Island White Bean and Kale Stew is wildly popular when it rotates onto the menu. Now you can try to make this healthy, tasty dish at home for yourself. The owner, Eddie is sensitive to gluten and he understands how important it is for a kitchen to manage […]

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout Really Understands Gluten Free Dining

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout is a “must” try if you are in the Pleasanton, CA area. Owner/chef Ed and his family are gluten free at home, so they really understand how to take care of gluten free customers the right way in their restaurant. Keep an eye out for the next post with his popular […]

The Top Ten Scary Things Restaurants Have Said To Me

I have been both stunned and amazed at what restaurants will say to me. Please don’t get me wrong, there are many restaurants out there that understand how important it is to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen. I love talking to those restaurants. They make me feel like we are speaking the same language. […]