Bakery Interview: Gluten Free at Bread Srsly

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Gluten free sourdough is a beautiful thing. It has a thick crispy crust, sour taste, and something that is very difficult to make in a gluten free version. Well, now you can get gluten free sourdough anytime you want it. Bread Srsly is a non-conventional Silicon Valley start up that began as a bicycle delivery service for fresh baked gluten free sourdough bread. Back in the early days, it wasn’t unusual for owner, Sadie, to bike 30 miles in a day delivering her sourdough bread all over San Francisco.

Sadie landed in San Francisco, following a serious crush. He was gluten free, so Sadie decided to learn how to bake gluten free in hopes of getting his attention. It didn’t take long for the two to begin dating. Shortly after, Sadie found out she was also sensitive to gluten. She decided to try to go gluten free in order to reduce the amount of sugar she consumed. Within two days of going off gluten, she felt 100% better and officially went gluten free for good.

Sadie began doing a lot of research on fermentation and pickling. She thought it would make an easy transition into fermenting dough for gluten free sourdough bread. It took Sadie about 8 months of experimentation to perfect a gluten free sourdough recipe that she felt was good enough to sell. In March of 2012, she found commercial kitchen space and hasn’t looked back. Although Bread Srsly’s specialty is gluten free sourdough, they also make specialty breads, cookies, and other baked goods.

#glutenfree #breadsrsly #sourdough

Bread Srsly shares a commercial kitchen with two other vendors. One is an allergy aware meal delivery service, the other a bakery. Sadie and her crew have to do a deep cleaning each day before they bake to ensure there is no cross contamination. They have to thoroughly clean out all three ovens. The bakery only uses only the fourth oven, so Bread Srsly does not use this one. All utensils and pans are strictly gluten free and are stored separately. Sadie’s crew has three production days and hopes to add a fourth soon.

You can find Bread Srsly products in both San Francisco and Berkeley.

San Francisco: Rainbow Grocery, BiRite Market, Miglet’s Cupcake Shop, Gluten Free Grocery, Other Avenues, and Haight Street Market.

Berkeley: Berkeley Student Food Collective and Three Stone Hearth.

You can also order Bread Srsly at Good Eggs or have it shipped to you.

If you want to try your own gluten free sourdough bread, here is a fun recipe Sadie has shared with us.



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