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Thank you so much for your interest in a possible collaboration. For some fun ideas on how we can work together, please see here. You can also email me at :-).

Samples of Recipe Development Posts:

Cheeses of France  Kraft

Wild Selections                         Kraft

Grapes from CA  Bob's Redmill  La Victoria

Grapes From CA           Bob’s Red Mill              La Victoria

Zemas Madhouse  Truvia  Smart & Final

Zemas                                Truvia                          Smart & Final

Samples of Instagram Promotions:

French's Ketchup   Silk  Cheeses of France

French’s Ketchup           Silk Creamer                 Cheeses of France (slideshow)

Skinny Pop   Four Roses Bourbon  Barilla Pasta

Skinny Pop Popcorn     Four Roses Bourbon     Barilla Pasta


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