Busy Night Hack with Gobble’s 15 minute Gourmet Meals!

Gobble is a delicious meal delivery service that offers gourmet meals that you can make in just 15 minutes!

Gobble Grass-Fed Filet with Asparagus and Blue Cheese Butter

If you are like me, your weeknights are busy with kids’ after school activities, homework, then bedtime. It is often so hard to fit in a family meal. Cooking dinner takes time, and getting everyone to sit down is so hard when homework is looming!

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could save 30 minutes each evening? Gobble meals take only 15 minutes to make. No measuring, no fuss. This gives your family more time to gather around the table and share a meal together.

When Gobble approached me to test out their meal service, I was skeptical. I tried one of their competitors not too long ago and it was a gluten free disaster. Thank goodness Gobble is more allergy aware.

Gobble lists the allergens on their menu on their website, so you know what you can safely order for delivery. They list if a product contains gluten, dairy, and nuts. When the meal ingredients arrive, the recipe card with instructions also lists the allergens. (*Note if a menu item says gluten optional, you can put in the notes to not include the bread. I didn’t know this and bread arrived, but it was bagged separately thank goodness!)

Jute compostable packaging

You order your meals each week and they are shipped to your address. I love that Gobble ships in a renewable plant jute that is perfect for your compost bin. I ordered and tested out two meals, the Grass-Fed Filet show above and a North African Poached Egg dish with Swiss Chard and Potatoes.

Gobble filet ingredients         egg ingredients

The meals come packaged with ingredients already chopped and the portions measured out. You get a super easy card that not only tells you how to prepare the meal, but you also get handy step-by-step photos. It is so easy! And you can SAVE $50 when you try Gobble! =< Just click here!!  (Youave $50 off your first box of 6 dinners (retails for $71.70, so you are getting 6 meals for only $21.70 the first week!!)

We made the North African Poached Eggs the first day. I had never tried a dish like this and I was intrigued by the flavors.

chard     chard and sauce

I cooked the chard as directed for 2 minutes. I then added the shakshuka base sauce to the pan.

eggs in pan

Add in the eggs, potatoes, cheese, and cilantro and then simmer until the eggs cook in the sauce.

Gobble North African Poached Eggs

It may not be the prettiest dish, but it was incredible. This is so flavorful, I would eat it again ANYTIME.

Gobble North African Poached Eggs

The next meal we made was the filet. Next time I need to order double on this recipe. I honestly didn’t think my kids would like this because of the blue cheese and demi-glace sauce. I was SO wrong. They even scraped the sides of the pan for more sauce!! My husband and I barely got any of this dish. Who knew my kids had a gourmet palate??

Gobble Grass-Fed Filet

Ready to try Gobble for yourself? Save $50 off your first box of 6 dinners (retails for $71.70, so you are getting 6 meals for only $21.70 the first week!!)



  1. The meals look amazing and 15MINUTES?? Even I have 15 minutes! As the mother of a kid w/ nut allergies, I love that they seem so aware!

  2. There are many nights I come late and not in the mood to cook. I end up eating peanut butter sandwich. Gobbles sounds like exactly what I should have on hand for those evenings. Must try it now.

  3. Wow those look incredible! And the convenience can’t be beat!

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