White Chocolate Mocha Mousse

Love those white chocolate mochas you see at Starbucks? This creamy sweet mousse will definitely be a hit with your friends and family. This no-bake dessert is perfect for those days when it is too hot to cook. This mocha mousse recipe is a fabulous copy-cat to those Starbucks white chocolate mochas. And I have a […]

Fearless Dining’s Top 10 Gluten Free Recipes for 2016

This is it…the moment where I reflect on the past year and think about the past year. My favorite way to do this is to list the top ten recipes for 2016. You will notice something interesting when you look at this list. Throughout the top ten gluten free recipes on my blog, Fearless Dining, […]

Light Creamy 3 Ingredient French Vanilla Mousse

This light and fluffy French Vanilla Mousse is the easiest mousse recipe you can make. Delicious with a light, sweet flavor, you will want to make this over and over again! If you love a light mousse, this easy French Vanilla Mousse will be fun to make 🙂 Mousse is one of those desserts that […]

Easy Vegan Vanilla Rice Pudding Hack

If you love creamy rice pudding, this super quick and easy hack will have you enjoying this treat in no time. Not only is this rice pudding creamy and delicious, but it is also vegan AND gluten free!! The best part? No baking or fussing because this hack makes this rice pudding recipe so easy. […]

5 Ingredient Bourbon Butterscotch Sauce

If you love to coat your desserts in gooey sauces, this bourbon butterscotch sauce is just for you. This gooey, thick and creamy bourbon butterscotch sauce is the only topping you will need for ice cream, brownies, cakes, pies….and anything else you can think to top. It only has 5 ingredients and is ready in […]

Quick and Easy Creamy Dark Chocolate Custard

If you are a choco-holic, this super creamy dark chocolate custard will be your downfall. This is the dark chocolate dessert that will make you weep tears of joy. I think this would be the recipe my besties say is better than sex. (I had to say that because my friends are serious choco-holics!) Dark […]

Warm Cardamom and Coconut Rice Pudding

This creamy dairy free warm cardamom and coconut rice pudding is the perfect dish to enjoy this fall. Normally when I wanted rice pudding, I would just go and buy it. That has always been the easy way out. Up until now, I really didn’t realize how easy it is to make this sweet and […]

Dairy Free Sweet Potato Whipped Cream

This is something different, and yet so flavorful I wonder why I didn’t think of this before. This vegan, dairy free sweet potato whipped cream is the perfect topper on any fall or holiday dessert. When I was creating my gluten free sweet potato bread pudding recipe, I had some extra sweet potato puree left […]

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Bread Pudding

This gluten free sweet potato bread pudding is a delicious dessert that can be enjoyed anytime. I don’t know why I only make bread puddings in the fall. They really can be enjoyed year round. My kids are weird, they won’t eat ends of the gluten free bread loaves. And worse, they leave empty bags […]

Pumpkin Mousse with Caramel Pecan Bacon Praline

Fall is coming and what way to best celebrate than a rich pumpkin mousse with a caramel pecan bacon praline sauce? I can’t help it. I love pumpkin. It is not only filled with vitamins and nutrients, but it works really well in desserts! Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The weather […]

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