Cherry and Coconut Chia Pudding

Have you tried chia pudding yet? It is all the rage, and can almost make itself overnight in your refrigerator. Add in any toppings, like this cherry and coconut chia pudding. I have always been scared to try chia pudding. It looked gross, slimy, and lumpy. It had no appeal to me at all. Bleh! […]

Deconstructed Spring Rolls

Have you ever been inspired by a dish you tried in a restaurant? We recently traveled to Austin for a wedding. We had lived in Austin for years before we were relocated to the Bay Area. As much as I would still move back in a heartbeat, Austin has changed a lot over the years. […]

The Good Fork Bistro’s Gluten Free Eggplant Parmesan Rolls – Video

Today I have a special treat for you. Chef/owner Maurizio of The Good Fork Bistro in Morgan Hill, CA is sharing his special eggplant parmesan roll ups recipe with us. Not only is this one of his signature dishes, but he makes it gluten free so we can all try it. Chef Maurizio has converted […]

Cheap and Easy Gluten Free Paella

If you love paella, but hate how expensive it can be to make, you will love this easy poor man’s paella. Full of scallop, shrimp, and calamari, your friends will never know you skimped on cost. I love paella, especially gluten free paella :-). Paella Paella is a Spanish dish that originated back in the […]

Green Chicken Soup Recipe

There are some weeks when I succumb to my evil sweet tooth. It is hard to resist as a food blogger. Brands want me to try their products, and I have also noticed that my readers like sweet gluten free recipes a lot more than healthy recipes. Is this you? My kids need healthier versions […]

Justin’s Gluten Free Osso Bucco Recipe

If you love osso bucco, this recipe is an authentic, satisfying meal. This recipe was always one of the most popular items on their menu. Here is “the” recipe from Justin’s in Santa Clara, CA. When I interviewed Justin’s to learn more about their safe gluten handling procedures, I knew they had an incredible menu full […]

Product Review: Delallo Gluten Free Gnocchi and Recipe

If you see this gluten free gnocchi, grab a box. This wheat free gnocchi tastes just like the real thing…and it is delicious. When is the last time you were able to eat gnocchi? Most brands of gnocchi you see in the store contain wheat flour mixed in with the potatoes. There are many recipes […]

Lungomare’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe

If you have missed pizza since going gluten free, I have a treat for you. This gluten free pizza crust is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, just like regular pizza crust. I know you are going to love this gluten free, egg free pizza crust recipe from Lungomare in Oakland, CA […]

Pizza Antica’s Gluten Free Spaghetti ala Carbonara Recipe

Chef Ceynowa, from Pizza Antica in Santana Row, developed this recipe based on his experience living in Milan. I am sure you will soon agree, it is well worth the effort to make this dish. If you would like to read the interview with Chef Ceynowa and learn how Pizza Antica handles gluten in their […]

Town’s Gluten Free Steak Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce and Smashed Avocado

Chef Jeremy, Executive Chef for Avenir Restaurant Group, shared this gluten free steak taco recipe with me. This recipe is on the menu at both Town Restaurant in San Carlos, and Milagros in Redwood City. It should be on the menu soon at their other restaurant, Nola, in the near future as well. We had […]

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