More Gluten Free at Costco!

I have been writing and reporting on gluten free finds at Costco for over two years now. Costco is my favorite place to find great deals on gluten free products. The types of product often vary from store to store. New gluten free products show up as others disappear from the Costco shelves. Although many […]

Gluten-Free Costco Shopping Guide

I started this blog in 2014 to help anyone who needs to eat gluten-free.  Please check out my family-friendly recipes and gluten-free desserts if you have time. I would also invite you to comment with the gluten-free   Costco foods you find. There are tons of readers who have written and shared what they found […]

Gluten Free Finds at Costco

When is the last time you have visited your local Costco Wholesale Warehouse? I love our Costco on Coleman Avenue in San Jose. The lines are short (weekdays!) and they have an ever growing selection of organic and gluten free foods. I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to take a photo journey through the […]

Product Review: Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauces

Have you seen Maya Kaimal’s fresh Indian Simmer Sauces at your local Costco and grocery stores? I loved trying their delicious gluten free sauces. When I was at my local Costco this week, it was full of new gluten free products. One that caught my eye was a line of Indian simmer sauces by Maya […]

Product Review: Gluten Free Kinder’s BBQ Sauce

Have you seen Kinder’s Barbecue Sauce in stores? It is thick and full of delicious BBQ flavors. My family loves gluten free BBQ. We have an old barrel smoker that my husband can work magic with to create tasty, amazing ribs. The downside to the barrel smoker is not only does it take six hours […]

Product Review: World Foods Stiry Fry Sauce

I love the World Foods sauces. They come in lots of flavors including Thai Basil Curry, Yellow Curry, Thai Coconut Galangal, and many others.  The ingredients are healthy and they can be mixed into meat, seafood, tofu, and veggies for a quick dinner. The instructions on the jar specify which meats and vegetables work best […]

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