Restaurant Review: Pica Pica

If you are gluten free, Pica Pica Maize Kitchen is about to become your favorite restaurant! My husband and I finally found a chance to try Pica Pica Maize Kitchen in San Francisco this past weekend. Ever since I heard this restaurant was 100% gluten free, I couldn’t wait to go. There are so few […]

So Many Delicious Gluten Free Options at Dosa, How Do You Choose?

I had the pleasure of talking to Anjan, the owner of Dosa, a few weeks ago. Dosa is wildly popular with the gluten free crowd, and even was the host to a gluten free Great Kitchen’s event. There are two locations for Dosa, one on Vallencia and the other at Filmore. Anjan opened these restaurants […]

3 Potato 4 is a Delicious Gluten Free Concept

Who loves fries? Healthy fries? Organic fries? How about dedicated fryer not necessary because EVERYTHING is already gluten free fries?? I am jumping up and down for joy after discovering 3 Potato 4 in San Francisco. 3 Potato 4 has been serving up gluten free fries and soups since November of 2013. Who knew fries […]

Fried, Flipped, or Fake at Proposition Chicken!

There is a new mantra in San Francisco courtesy of Proposition Chicken. Fried, Flipped, or Fake. You can even get all three versions gluten free! Yes. You heard that right….even the fried chicken because Proposition Chicken has a dedicated gluten free fryer. Lets talk about what Fried, Flipped, or Fake mean. First up, fried. If […]

Millennium Serves Up Creative Gluten Free Vegan Dishes

Millennium in San Francisco is a well known gourmet vegan restaurant in the Tenderloin District. Chef Eric Tucker is the founding chef at Millennium and he is an incredibly creative chef when it comes to layering the flavors of vegetables, seasonings and sauces. (Just take a look at the photo descriptions below. Incredible!) Chef Tucker […]

Exotic Gluten Free Menu at Skool Tempts Gluten Free Diners in a New Way

Skool may be one of the best kept secrets in the gluten free dining scene in San Francisco. Their exotic gluten free menus are unique, and take advantage of Chef Toshihiro Nagano’s Japanese cooking influences. Not only does Skool have gluten free lunch, dinner, and brunch menus for guests, but they also have separate vegan […]

Poquito in San Francisco Brings Variety For Gluten Free Diners

Did you know there were only three authentic Ecuadorian restaurants in the U.S.? You can find them in Queens, Los Angeles, and our very own San Francisco. Poquito is located in the Dog Patch district and opened three years ago. It features recipes from Ecuador and Spain. Much of the food at Poquito is naturally […]

Firefly Restaurant in San Francisco is a Great Destination for Gluten Free Dining

If you are looking for a gluten free restaurant in San Francisco, you must check out Firefly! Do you love creative farm to table foods? If you are a gluten free diner, you are in for a special treat the next time you eat out in San Francisco. Have you been to Firefly Restaurant yet? […]

Zen Belly Paleo and Gluten Free Catering

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to interview Simone Shifnadel, Executive Chef and owner of Zen Belly Catering. If you are like me, having a caterer who is gluten free, and understands how to keep gluten free safe, is the best choice if you need an event catered. And, if the food […]

E & O Asian Kitchen Has a Gluten Free Menu with a Big Variety

I recently had the privilege to interview Executive Chef Sharon Nahm of E & O Asian Kitchen up in San Francisco.  She attended the California Culinary Academy, and has worked as a chef for the past seven years. She joined the E & O Asian Kitchen in order to pursue her love of cooking Asian […]

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