3 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Bark

Creamy chocolate, macadamia nuts, and dried cherries combined make a delicious chocolate treat. You will love how easy this 3 ingredient chocolate bark recipe is to make.

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Cherry Bark on a piece of wax paper

Are you a choco-aholic?

Don’t feel guilty, you are not alone πŸ™‚ .

I can’t help it, give this girl dark chocolate and I am as happy as can be.

School is out for summer and it is time to put my kids to work. This is a recipe that anyone can make. You can toss anything into the melted chocolate, creating custom chocolates that taste like they come from an expensive chocolate shop. Other fun chocolate desserts your kids can make include these White Chocolate Fudge Bites and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

Trader Joe’s Pound Plus chocolate bars are so easy to use when making candy. They are available in Dark Chocolate, Bittersweet, or Milk Chocolate. They are only $4.99 for the giant bar; a fabulous bargain!

For this recipe, we used just three ingredients:

  1. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar
  2. Trader Joe’s Macadamia Nuts
  3. Trader Joe’s Tart Dried Cherries

(But my kids have already decided next time we are also putting in smashed potato chips LOL.)

This easy 3 ingredient chocolate bark is so easy to make.

chocolate macadamia bark  ingredients

chocolate melted in a bowl

We melted half of the pound bar of dark chocolate. Next, we broke it into squares and put them in a microwave safe dish. Melted the chocolate in 35 second increments. (We did this to prevent the chocolate from over cooking or burning.) Our chocolate was ready by the 4th increment of 35 seconds.) Stir the chocolate.

chocolate macadamia mixins in a bowl

Add in 1 cup of macadamia nuts and 1/2 cup of the tart dried cherries and stir to blend. (Or mix in anything you want!!)

chocolate macadamia bark spread out on wax paper

Dump the mixture onto a piece of wax paper in a small baking dish. Put into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill.

chocolate macadamia bark pieces on wax paper

Break apart and enjoy. You can mix any of your favorite things into this chocolate. This recipe is so simple, even your kids can make it!

(*This post was updated from 7/1/2014)

What would you mix in to make your own special bark?

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Chocolate Popcorn Pecan Candy in a blue bin

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  1. I love this recipe but will have to vary, first we don’t have a trader joes in Denver yet, so i’ll have to find it a Vitamin Cottage, and I’ll have to crush the nuts because I have problems chewing whole nuts even though I love them, but that is an acceptable trade off rather than not eating them, the cherries sound so yummy I hope I can find some. But I have a sweet tooth and this is a good way to satisfy it since I’ve only started with gluten free several months ago, also eliminating night shade vegetables, that’s harder than the gluten free since I love tomatoes and peppers of all sorts, but eliminating them has helped my fibromyalgia so much and the gluten free has helped my stomach problems, it’s amazing that even when we’re eating what we think is good and healthy, and may be for many is very harmful to others, and my house isn’t going gluten free or night shade free anytime soon I don’t think, See I’m now helping my son raise his 3 children who have not known a healthy diet since they had solid foods, and I’m just now getting the children to eat healthy, and my son is giving in on some things, but gluten free no way but he kinda likes the paleo cause he loves his meat. LOL, but it’s an encouraging venture when I see my grandkids say they want to try and eat healthy or they feel better. So any mom or care-taker of kids it may be challenging at times, especially when my son still gets them McDonalds on Sundays when they visit their mom, but I know I’m instilling habits that will last a lifetime, even if forgotten for awhile. Sorry didn’t mean to go on but just a word of encouragment that God put on me to write.

    • Hi Lori, That must be hard to not have the support to eat healthy. I am inspired by you and your effort to help your grandchildren and your son to eat healthfully. I have a lot of great kid friendly treat recipes on my site that are healthy, but kids have no idea πŸ™‚ I like to sneak nutrition in using nut meals. If you have a local Costco, they have a great deal on Almond flour. Also, I use coconut sugar as often as I can because it is lower glycemic.

      I think night shade allergies are becoming more and more common. I recently interviewed a chef from Millenium, one of the top vegan restaurants in San Francisco. He recently found out he is allergic to night shades and has to wear two pairs of gloves to handle them while cooking now.

      I wish you a lot of luck, if there is a recipe your grandchildren would like to see, please let me know and we can come up with something yummy.

      • yeah I remember when my kids were young I had the book “Confessions Of A Sneaky Organic Cook” I’d love to find it again as well as a wonderful book put out by the Mennonites, I think it was called the “More For Less Cookbook” those were my 2 go to books and also sometimes a book that is still out but has been revised many times by now I’m sure “Return To the Garden Of Eden” was the original book that started me thinking about and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. But with the advent of the internet it is wonderful because there is such a wealth of information even if you can’t afford to buy all the books you’d like, and so many recipes that with a little research and tinkering you can adapt them to most diets, Right now I’m looking into alternative flours to use in baking, I make my own coconut milk, and I guess you can call the hard top an oil, or butter, the I dry the coconut flakes and make my own flour, I’m as frugal as possible because of a limited budget, but I’d also like to do almond and sunflower to as I have some of those right now, I’m also going to look into spelt and some others I saw in recipes, Since I’m new to baking gluten free, But I’ve always considered myself a life long learner so it’s really interesting. So if you have any ideas or info on backing with different flours or sites where I might find out more I’d love it cause buying it from the store is outrageously overpriced, I prefer to buy my flours in bulk or making my own and making up my own blends. I’m just that kind of independent thinker and person, that way I know exactly what we are all eating with no surprises. I love your blog keep up the good work. One of these days I’ll have my own “confessions of a sneaky food conscious grandma” LOL.

        • Hi Lori, Sorry for the delay in responding. I was trying to find the store in Amazon where I found reasonably priced bulk gluten free flours. I can’t find it so I don’t know if the company is still doing this.

          I wanted to also let you know that spelt contains gluten and it is best not to eat it if you can’t have gluten. You should write a book about Confessions of a Sneaky Food Conscious Grandma. I love the title and so many people can learn from your experiences :-).

          • maybe when school starts back up in the fall I will try to find a class about how to write a blog, our local Anythink Libraries’ offer many free tech classes, right now I’m lucky to have a little time to myself after they go to bed. I’d like to share my experiences with how I’ve made healthy changes for me and the children on a very limited budget, and their can be work arounds, for things that look expensive and daunting, with some creative, trial and error, and maybe you can buy organic all the time but fresh fruit and veggies are better than none at all. thanks for the encouragement and info. I just wonder why gluten free recipes would list spelt flour as a main ingredient, when it has gluten, I really appreciate that info, I love the internet and how much information is out there, some good and some not so, we just need to do our own research.

  2. And I was so close to getting the dark chocolate today, but the main groceries added way to fast like they usually do, but I’m bound and determined to try this it just makes my mouth water.

  3. if I wanted to use fresh cherries you think it would turn out okay or should I dried them some first afraid if I used the fresh without drying them they might get bad if the chocolates left out what do you think?

    • Hi Lori. I take it the chocolate arrived? I hope so πŸ™‚ Anyway, with the juiciness of the cherries, I think you are best drying them out. I haven’t tried this recipe with fresh fruit.

      • yes it arrived, I thought dried would be better to, will try some of our other stores to see if I can find some if not I’ll dry some of those I have here at home. thanks for the advice, By the way love your recipes that I’ve been seeing.

  4. Again thank you so much, I was going to make it the other day, but I don’t know if my fibro is trying to flare or what but I am so fatigued, I can barley make something nutritious, I’m feeling slightly better today I’m hoping to make it by or on Saturday, and there will be 6 taste testers and I’ll give you all their opinions. 3 will be kids so you know if they like it it’s a definite good.

  5. All the taste tasters loved this recipe, but I just wanted to say I’ve looked in all the stores and I can’t find a bar of chocolate that size, much less at that price, I hope we get a Trader Joes here soon, even at our best stores, Sprouts and Natural Foods.

  6. I love making my own chocolate bark and yours looks so easy and delish! A definite must-try for me!

  7. Love it! So many options, too. And yes, as a matter of fact, I am a choco-aholic πŸ™‚

  8. G’day who doesn’t like chocolate…YUM
    Cheers! Joanne

  9. This looks soo good! I absolutely love Trader Joe’s pound plus bars! So delicious and such a great deal. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚


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