Food Trucks

Food trucks are all over the Bay Area. Here is a list of food trucks with gluten free options:

(Please note, food trucks have tiny work spaces, and it is very hard to prevent all cross contamination. Alert the food truck staff about your food allergy and talk to them to see if they take enough precautions to keep you safe.)

  1. Oaxacan Kitchen – Mexican food. 100% gluten free. (They only use corn tortillas and no flour in cooking.)
  2. Garden Creamery – Ice cream. Many gluten free flavors.
  3. Soulnese – Soul foods. Several options available gluten free.
  4. Tikka’s Bytes – Indian food. Quite a few gluten free options.
  5. Little Green Cyclo – Some gluten free options.
  6. Curry Up Now – Indian. Lots of gluten free options.
  7. Sigsbees – All sandwiches available gluten free.
  8. Senor Sisig – Filipino. Sisig marinated in soy sauce so this item is not gluten free. Many other items are available gluten free.
  9. Naked Chorizo – Mexican. With notice, they said they will work a gluten free option into their menu for you.
  10. Whisk on Wheels – Local organic. All protein options available over greens. Gluten free fryer and salads. Lots of gluten free options, but can’t guarantee cross contamination.
  11. Mayo & Mustard – Sandwiches. With prior notice, they will have gluten free bread available.
  12. Hiyaa – Thai. Lemongrass chicken and lemongrass mushroom dishes are gluten free. Over rice or salad.
  13. Liba Falafel – Mediterranean. Falafel balls and falafel bar are gluten free.
  14. Smokin’ Warehouse BBQ – All meats are gluten free.

*If you know a food truck that has gluten free options, please contact me so I can add them to the list.