Add a Restaurant

I need some help!

I get emails every week from gluten free people, just like you and me, asking me to add restaurants in their city to my database. It is a big job, and if I want to add more cities, I can’t do it alone. I want my database to be national, so it can help more people.

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Restaurant managers and owners, please add your restaurant’s info into my database. This will help connect your restaurant with gluten-free diners in your area. (I will call to verify your information.)
  2. Diners, please ask restaurants you feel safe eating at to go to my website and add themselves in to my database.
  3. Diners, ask lots of questions when you dine out, then enter the restaurant’s information into the database yourself. (I will contact the restaurant and then upload your info.)

To have a link emailed to you so that you can enter the restaurant’s information, please enter your email here:



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