Gluten Free at Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen Palo Alto

I met my friend, Sharon, from the blog, Nut Free Kitchen, for lunch this week at Lyfe Kitchen in Palo Alto, CA. Lyfe is an up and coming restaurant chain that focuses on fresh foods in a sustainable way, organic way. Sharon’s child is highly allergic to nuts, so we decided to try it out and see how they handle diners with food allergies.

Here is your first view when you walk in.

big herb wall

I would love to have a three tiered herb wall in my kitchen!

Lyfe Kitchen is all about fast and healthy foods. There is usually a line out the door by noon, and I am continually amazed how quickly they move people through. They always have several cashiers to take your order:

lyfe orders

Lyfe takes food allergies seriously and they have separate menus at the door for gluten free, vegan, and those who can eat anything.

Lyfe Menus

If you tell Lyfe when you order that you are gluten free, the chefs will use clean boards, pans, utensils to make your order. All of their flatbreads are made with Udi’s Pizza Crusts. (They are more like pizzas with many different interesting topping combinations.)

When your food comes out, you should expect to see this little GF sign on your food:

Lyfe food label

If your order doesn’t have this little sign, you need to ask a staff member because all gluten free orders MUST come from the kitchen with this. (By the way, this is their chicken kale salad. It was very good!)

Lyfe Kitchen

167 North Hamilton Ave

Palo Alto, CA

(650) 325-5933


  1. I’m a big of Lyfe. We have one down here in Southern CA and I love the care they put into their food, ingredients and preparation.

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