Gluten Free Product Review: WOW Cookies

Wow Gluten Free Cookie Review

Okay, if you haven’t tried WOW Baking’s gluten free cookieswhat are you waiting for?

I found these cookies while wandering through the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco last month. I fell in love at first bite of the soft cookies. Wow sent me a box so I could try all of their flavors and honestly, I have no idea which I like best.

My family helped me decide and our favorites are Key Lime with White Chocolate, Ginger Molasses, Butter Toffee, and Snickerdoodle. (Keep in mind we liked pretty much every flavor except Maple, which was a little too sweet for us.)

Wow Gluten Free Cookies

WOW gluten free cookies are certified gluten free and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility. They are also non-GMO.

You can find these cookies at Bay Area Whole Foods, Lunardi’s, Target, Nob Hill, and other stores.

(*I was given Wow cookies to try. All opinions are my own._



  1. Michael Clarke says:

    I totally agree. I loved those cookies before I had to give up sugar and dairy but when I can go back to having both of them I’ll be buying some WOW cookies!

    • Do you have to give up all sugar, or can you have dairy free cookies sweetened with honey or maple syrup? If these alternate sweeteners work for you, I have a great recipe for you.

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