MOD Pizza And Their Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Have you been to MOD Pizza yet? I had the chance to try out the brand new San Jose location at Westgate.

MOD Pizza image

***UPDATE, after eating here at least 15 times over the past few months, we got glutened here. I was pretty sad after all of our good luck with Mod Pizza’s gluten free pizza. Accidents happen, I totally get that, but I don’t think we will be able to eat here anymore. ***

If you love gluten free pizza, MOD Pizza was pretty impressive. Think the Italian version of Chipotle. There is a huge variety of toppings, and you can customize your pizzas any way you like.

I didn’t realize they had only been open two days when I first wandered into the restaurant. MOD Pizza has a modern, hip vibe and was packed. (This location is just down the street from Prospect High, so expect long lines at lunch time.)

MOD Pizza image

When I asked about gluten free, everyone seemed well trained on what to do. They asked right away if I needed gluten free for medical reasons and they told me the oven is shared so they can’t guarantee they can prevent cross contamination. I decided to see how they make the pizza and then decide later if I would eat it.

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The person making my gluten free pizza automatically changed their gloves when they got my order. During a normal order, the pizza passes down the line to be topped. If you order a gluten free and you tell them it is for medical reasons, the same person will follow your pizza down the topping line so it doesn’t come into contact with anyone with contaminated gloves.

Mod’s gluten free pizza crust is put onto a screen and which goes on top of a paper liner. They write gluten free in large letters with your name on the paper.

MOD toppings

MOD Pizza has at least 30 topping options for you to try. All of the toppings come in the price so you can really go crazy. (*Note there is a $2 upcharge for gluten free crust.)

I am not sure where MOD gets its gluten free pizza crusts. None of the employees seemed to know. The crust was a lot larger than the regular single serving crusts that I see at other pizza places.

MOD crust

When the pizza is about to come out of the oven, the cook yells over the gluten free pizza is coming out. There is someone there who puts down a clean box. After the pizza is put in the box, a clean cutter is used to cut the pizza in the box. The box is then closed, even if you dine in the restaurant to prevent any cross contamination before you pick it up.

MOD pizza

The gluten free crusts are larger than the other pizzas served here and it just barely fit in the box. I know the photo isn’t great, but that is a chicken, artichoke, roasted garlic and mushroom pizza.

I did decide they took enough precautions for me and I shared it with my husband for lunch. Neither of us had any reaction. A few days later we took the kids to MOD Pizza and none of us had any reactions either.

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  1. Ohh I’ve never heard of MOD pizza but love the idea that you can put lots of toppings on! It sounds like they take great precautions, but the shared space in the oven makes me a little nervous! So glad you didn’t have a reaction though and that they are aware of medical reasons for gluten!

  2. Thanks for the review! I am traveling to the area soon, and will look up the place. That is great that they were able to give you good answers to your gluten free questions – it sounds like they do everything reasonable to accommodate special requests.

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