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I am honored that you are a part of the Fearless Dining community!! Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy as you read delicious gluten free recipes, and learn about gluten free living. 

If you are new to gluten free, I put together some helpful information for you below.

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Important articles I have written to help you learn about gluten cross contamination:

1. The Top 6 Questions to ask a pizza restaurant about cross contamination  – Just because a pizza restaurant has a gluten free pizza does not mean it is safe for you to eat.

2. Top 10 Scary Thing Restaurants Have Told Me – This will really make you aware of what can happen in the kitchen.

3. Gluten in the Wine Making Process – What you need to know about wines. Not only can gluten be an issue, but if you have an egg allergy, you need to read this article.

4. What to Know to Keep your Allergic Child Safe at that Overnight School Field Trip. – Know what you need to do to prepare for that overnight school field trip. Printable allergy cards, allergy reaction sheet, and more!

5. Top 7 Tips for Safe Gluten Free Dining at a Sushi Restaurant – Know how to avoid cross contamination while dining out at a sushi restaurant.

6. Our Family’s Gluten Free Adventure on a Carnival Cruise – Our four day cruise to Mexico was not as scary as we thought.

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