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All But Gluten

Look what I found while on our Austin trip. I was strolling down the aisle at the H.E.B. grocery store and these evil gluten free ding dong replicas were on a display just before the gluten free aisle.  I saw these cake boxes by All But Gluten that looked just like the Hostess Ding Dongs I ate as a kid. (Can you believe this grocery store had half of a long aisle devoted to gluten free products? They even had a gluten free freezer section in the gluten free aisle.)

I grabbed a box of these cakes and tossed it into my cart. In hindsight, I should(n’t) have grabbed more because these I wasn’t sure if they are available in the Bay Area.

I went to the company website and did a little research. All About Gluten products are manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility in Canada. From what I can see, they are available in Walmarts and a few other stores here in the U.S. All But Gluten makes breads and other baked products. I will have to look for their products the next time I am near a Walmart.

These snack cakes tasted incredible. I am almost sad to say that as good as they are, I do not think I will buy them again after looking at the ingredients. They are not even remotely healthy. These snack cakes are in my stereotypical gluten free “junk food” category.

All But Gluten Plated

Have you seen these in your stores?



  1. Thanks for your review, Sandi. I almost never buy such products, but I’m always interested in them for my support group members. While these look good and I believe that they taste good, too, with the ingredients that are in them (like PROPYLENE GLYCOL ESTERS OF FATTY ACIDS and POLYSORBATE 60), I would never buy them. They are far worse than the usual junk food. 🙁 A healthier option if one wants ready-made “Ding Dongs” is Shabtai Gourmet’s Ring Ting Cupcakes: I’m not affiliate with Shabtai Gourmet in any way, but they sent my support group some products a few years back and they were amazing. I wish they didn’t use cottonseed oil, but their other ingredients are preferable to the ingredients in this version.

    Thanks again,

    • I agree completely, Shirley. I wanted to review the for the novelty, but we ended up tossing the box after we each had tried one. I am surprised this company uses so many junky ingredients. I think they are trying to appeal to those who are newly gluten free and are having a hard time adjusting to gluten free foods.

      • I haven’t checked lately but the Safeway in Sunnyvale on Bernardo at El Camino had an All But Gluten display in the bakery section a few months ago which had these snack cakes plus a few kinds of breads, cookies and muffins. .I also bought these and thought they were OK but agree they are pure junk so I did not buy them again – but I must say it was nice to have one after not having had something like it for decades. My manager buys the blueberry muffins for a team meeting we have (since I can’t eat gluten – I’m quite touched really – it’s the only time I’m ever able to join in occasional meeting treats) and for a store bought muffin, it’s not bad. I think he buys them at a Safeway in Mtn View. I did buy a loaf of their bread and found it inedible. Give me Canyon Bakehouse any day!

        • That is really nice of your manager. I love Canyon Bakehouse’s raisin bread myself Jean. I hope you are doing well :-). I will have to say I am not going to look for these in my Safeway. I agree they are junk. I think I am going to try to figure out how to make my own healthy version of these sometime soon.

      • Sandi, it’s really hard for me to understand why any companies would even consider such ingredients. There’s junk, which I’m willing to indulge in occasionally, then there’s beyond junk, that just grosses me out. I’ll look forward to your homemade version. Btw, my friend Alta of Tasty Eats At Home made a delightful grain-free and dairy-free version of Ding Dongs. You might want to check them out. Again, I do appreciate the review and discussion. 😉


        • Wow, that site has a lot of great desserts. I like to use nut flours in my baking, just to hide a little protein in there to balance out the sugar buzz. Otherwise my kids bounce off the walls :-). I like that the site you mentioned uses maple syrup and other healthy sweeteners. That is so much healthier. I hope you are having a great weekend Shirley.

  2. I wondered how long it would take before chemicals would enter into gluten free products. All chemicals. Our bodies are not made to process these things. Google The dangers of these chemical additives VEGETABLE MONOGLYCERIDES, MODIFIED CELLULOSE, CALCIUM PROPIONATE, CALCIUM CARBONATE, CALCIUM SULPHATE, TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE.

    • I know…that is why we avoid these products when we can. I think my buying these played on my nostalgic memories of ding dongs from childhood. A great, what was I thinking moment.

  3. Delia White says:

    I bought these for the novelty of them – they weren’t bad taste-wise. It will probably take me several months to eat them (I stuck them in my freezer). It is too bad that the manufacturer doesn’t use healthier ingredients, especially when it’s so possible. Yep, yep, I hid them from my 22-year-old son who LOVES chocolate but it trying to eat healthier. 🙂

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