Piacere Happily Accommodates Gluten Free Diners

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Executive Chef Miriam Russell-Wadleigh of Piacere in San Carlos, is one of the most guest interactive chefs I have had the pleasure to talk to. Chef Miriam loves to add an element of fun and really gets her regular and gluten free customers involved in the meal process.

May through September, take her up on her “farm box challenge” and see your produce become an incredible family style meal. Over the years, guests have tried to stump her by bringing in all sorts of odd produce including dragon fruit, bitter melons, donuts, and other oddities. One customer even brought her a bag of kettle corn and corn on the cob from their trip to the Farmer’s market. That kettle corn and corn on the cob was transformed into a roasted corn soup with the kettle corn floated on top that their whole family enjoyed :-). (*Note, you will need to make a reservation to participate in this challenge. Reservations for this are limited each night so Chef Miriam can create something special for you.)

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Gluten Free Scallops

Chef Miriam began her career as a chef later in life. She was a stage manager for a big theater company and was ready for a change. She was looking for a career that would challenge both the left and right sides of her brain. For a little while she was a private chef for people with serious dietary restrictions. She began working at Piacere  seven years ago, and has been creating delicious dishes for diners ever since.

One of Chef Miriam’s favorite sayings is that it should not be a chore for a person with a food allergy to order a meal. She will go out of her way to ask a gluten free diner what they are in the mood for. She is happy to tailor anything on the menu so that the customer leaves happy. All sauces are reductions without gluten. Everything is made in-house so it is very easy to avoid gluten ingredients. As a matter of fact, over 75% of Piacere’s menu is gluten free. If you have a special event, Piacere has five different rooms available for private dining.

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Gluten Free Prawn Salad

During the fall and winter, don’t miss the series of game nights. If you hunt or fish, you can even bring in your own game for these events. Chef Miriam will create a special family style meal centered around what you bring in. Chef Miriam likes to make every dish family style because shared meals are more social and less stuffy. (*You have to make a reservation if you bring your own game in so the chef can prepare and marinate the game.) Some examples of game night menus include quail, squab, pheasant, and even wild boar.

Piacere Beet Salad

Gluten Free at Piacere

  1. Staff is trained to talk to customers about food allergies.
  2. When the server is alerted to a food allergy, the ticket is marked.
  3. Clean pots/pans/utensils are used for GF orders
  4. Cook washes their hands before a GF order.
  5. Piacere can accommodate not only gluten allergies, but nut, dairy, and shellfish allergies as well.


727 Laurel St

San Carlos, CA

(650) 592-3536



  1. Nice write up Sandi! It’s not often you come across such fare and also the willingness of the chef to prepare your own game for a meal. Impressive.

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