The Village Pub’s Farm to Table Dishes Makes Gluten Free Dining Easy

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The Village Pub in Woodside, CA is on my short list to visit on my next date night. Although the restaurant has “pub” in its name, this is misleading. The Village Pub is an upscale farm to table style restaurant that opened back in 2001. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is its partnership with SMIP Ranch. Over 80% of the organic produce used in The Village Pub kitchens come from their the ranch.

Gluten free requests from diners have risen sharply at The Village Pub and it is no problem to accommodate these requests. There is very little flour used at the restaurant, making  it very easy for the restaurant to modify dishes for their gluten free diners.

I had the opportunity to talk to their Executive Chef, Dmitry Elperin about the restaurant, and how they help gluten free guests dine safely.  Chef Elperin has worked at The Village Pub for over six years. He was born in Russia and comes from a family who loved to cook. He recalls fondly his family’s garden and all of their fruit trees. This upbringing helped him find his calling as a chef focused on natural, seasonal eating.

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A view of SMIP Ranch in Woodside, CA.

SIMP Ranch is also located in Woodside, CA. It is a five acre farm that exclusively grows produce for The Village Pub, and other restaurants owned by its parent company, Bacchus Management Group. SIMP Ranch also sells a weekly CSA box that can be picked up at The Village Pub.

Chef Elperin and his team takes regular field trips to SMIP Ranch. They pick herbs and produce, help during the planting season, and have employee luncheons on the farm. Chef Elperin feels this helps the restaurant staff appreciate the full circle from farm to table.

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Chef Elperin develops new recipes frequently to keep up with what produce is being harvested at SIMP Ranch.  The menu changes not only with the season, but also changes depending upon what vegetables are being harvested that week at the ranch. Dishes are vegetable driven with the protein. Some of this season’s best sellers are hearty dishes using their wood burning grill. Their pork comes from Stone Valley Farm and is served with root vegetables.

Gluten Free at The Village Pub

  1. Waitstaff are trained extensively about food allergies at The Village Pub.
  2. Once the waitperson is informed a diner needs a gluten free meal, they mark the order and tell the cooks.
  3. The prep area is cleaned and fresh pans and utensils are used to cook the meal.
  4. The cooks wash their hands before preparing the gluten free dish.
  5. The restaurant also can accommodate dairy free diners easily.
  6. There is always a gluten free dessert on the menu.
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Gluten Free Seared Scallops with Black Truffles

Would you like to try one of Chef Elperin’s recipes? Try this Gluten Free Chestnut Cavaletti with Roasted Vegetables in a Brown Butter Sage Sauce recipe!

The Village Pub

2967 Woodside Rd

Woodside, CA

(650) 851-9888




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