Restaurant Review Hult’s in Los Gatos

Have you been to the sous vide restauant, Hult’s, in Los Gatos?

Hult's Exterior copy

My husband won an award for celebrating his 25th year at his company a few weeks ago and part of his gift was a nice dinner out.

We knew we wanted something special and romantic and we had heard a lot about Hult’s from friends. I knew this restaurant needed a days notice for gluten free from a call I had with the restaurant a few months ago when I was researching them for my gluten free restaurant database.

Neither of us had tried sous vide cooking so we were excited to try something new.

I spoke to the owner, Alex, the day before we planned to dine. He was wonderful on the phone and assured me that they could create a special gluten free dinner for our celebration.

When we arrived, the restaurant sat us in a back corner which was a little more isolated and quiet. There was a fabulous bottle of champagne on our table, compliments of my husband’s boss.

Our waiter’s name was Cliff and I highly recommend asking for him if you dine at this restaurant. Cliff is also the wine manager and his knowledge of wine pairings blew us away. He had created a wine pairing for each of our courses ahead of us arriving. When we sat down and talked about what we liked and didn’t like in wines, Cliff took a pen and scratched out a couple of the wines and told us he thought his new suggestions would be even better with the dishes we ordered. His thoughtfulness paid off because every wine he paired was a perfect match. (Cliff’s wife is also gluten free so he understands what gluten free diners need.)

(I am apologizing in advance. This restaurant has the romantic ambiance down and it was really dark for taking food photos.)

Hult's Gluten Free Tasting Menu

(I made this large so you could read the dish descriptions and wine pairings. Cliff changed some of the pairings as mentioned above but he didn’t write them on my copy of the menu.)

Our first course was the lentil soup with fresh creme fraiche. It was so delicious I tried to recreate the recipe at home.

hult's lentil soup

This photo does no justice to this incredibly flavorful soup. The bacon mixed with the lentils was fabulous.

hult's beet salad

The beet and orange salad was also wonderful, and colorful.

hult's scallops

The seared scallops were the star of the night. The sear was perfect and I could easily have eaten a whole plate of these.

hult's risotto

The risotto was also well done and perfectly creamy.

hult's filet

The New York steak with little mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus was also delicious. The sous vide style cooking kept this steak nice and moist. (They even made a bernaise sauce gluten free for us.)

hult's desserts

And sadly, all wonderful things must come to an end. At least the restaurant didn’t make us share the dessert trio :-). As full as we were, we managed to eat every last bit of these desserts.

Here is a link to the precautions Hult’s takes for their gluten free customers.

I can’t wait to come dine at this restaurant again. This was one of the best meals we have enjoyed in a long time. Neither of us reacted to any gluten so I have to believe the restaurant did a great job controlling cross contamination.



  1. What a great review. I’m always in Central Coast California so I’ll be sure to check them out.

  2. We are often in the Bay Area and love Los Gatos so will definitely check out Hult’s next time we are in the area. My family and I can eat gluten but any restaurant who clearly takes this much care to ensure its customers enjoy their dining experience is definitely a place we would love!

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