Restaurant Review: Sushi Confidential in Campbell

My kids LOVE sushi. Sushi Confidential has been open in downtown Campbell for years, but we only recently gave it a try.

Sushi Confidential Restaurant Review

I have been curious about this restaurant for quite a while. We walk by it every weekend at the Campbell Farmer’s Market. We finally had the opportunity to check it out! (As a fellow gluten free diner, I always recommend that you check with the restaurant to ensure they can handle your tolerance. Our family had great luck dining safely here, but you want to double check all precautions when you dine out anywhere to stay safe.)

If you live in the San Jose Bay Area, then you may want to drive to Campbell for this gluten free sushi :-). The vibe at this restaurant is casual. When the weather is nice, try to get a seat on the patio. It is perfect for lazy people watching and enjoying the atomosphere!

I looked online just to make sure Sushi Confidential offered gluten free menu options.

sushi gf menu

Sushi Confidential has a small gluten free section on their menu. Not only is there a clear list of gluten free options, but the kitchen was very willing to modify items on the menu too. It was really great to know this restaurant is so knowledgeable about gluten free dining.

**Check out my TOP 7 TIPS for safe gluten free dining in sushi restaurants. This will give you a good idea of what sushi restaurants can do to prevent cross contamination.

Mango and Ahi Salad

My husband had this mango ahi salad (modified to be gluten free) and the restaurant made a dressing of rice vinegar and sesame oil for him.

GF Behind the Scenes Roll

My ultimate favorite was the gluten free Behind the Scenes sushi roll. With Sriracha and fresh jalapeno, it was so a powerhouse of flavor. I think I could live on this roll 🙂 . Sushi Confidential is definitely one of my new favorite places for sushi.

Spicy Tuna Roll

I also loved how spicy their tuna roll was…I broke out in a sweat, which is my ultimate test. (And I LOVE spicy food.)

This restaurant had a real crab options, which I love. Imitation crab contains gluten so having real crab made it possible for my daughter to have her favorite California rolls. Sushi Confidential also has gluten free soy sauce, Tamari.

Nobody in our family had a reaction to the food we ate here and we had a great time. While you are here, check out some delicious gluten free recipes you can try at home.

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