Paleo Spiralized Radish and Lime Salad

This healthy spiralized radish and lime salad is a fun side salad that packs a flavorful punch.

Spiralized Radish and Lime Salad found at

It is official.

I love my new Paderno spiralizer. It spiralizes so easily. Now I can make curly fries, veggie noodles, and fun looking salads. My kids seem to love curly veggies a lot more than regular chopped vegetables too. (I don’t know how long that will last, but I’m totally taking advantage of it as long as I can!!)

Radish spiralizing

It took a little bit to get used to it. At first I had a few fails. Now that I know the right width for vegetables, I have been able to create all sorts of fun things.

Long radish

I found these unusual long purplish red radishes at our farmer’s market last week.

Something new and unusual! Have you seen these around you? I am laughing at my self….I really thought it was a purplish red carrot when I saw it. There was no sign, and I am glad I asked.

Can you imagine buying a big bunch of these spicy radishes, only to find they aren’t the sweet carrot you had hoped for? My kids’ first bite would have been amusing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see this variety on wikipedia, so I can’t tell you what it is….but I will say it spiralizes beautifully!! I am thinking it is related to a daikon radish. Have you seen this before?

Spiralized radish

Spiralized Radish and Lime Salad
Course: Salad
Cuisine: American
  • 1 large purplish radish or 4 large radishes (purple radish looks like a giant carrot)
  • 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil
  1. Use a spiralizer to spiralize the radishes.
  2. (*If you don't own a spiralizer, just slice the radishes thinly.)
  3. In a small bowl, add all liquid ingredients.
  4. Whisk to blend.
  5. Pour over the radishes to blend.
  6. This salad tastes even better if it sits with the lime juice for 15-20 minutes before serving.

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Radish salad





  1. That radish is crazy looking LOVE IT!! I love my spiralizer too, and it is my mission to find a radish like that to use it! Yum!

  2. This looks like the perfect healthy snack! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. I have never seen a radish like that before, but not I want to find one! Radishes are my husbands absolute favorite veggie, so I know he’d devour this salad. Beautiful!

  4. This looks so crunchy and fresh! Can’t wait to try!

  5. This looks so fresh and delicious. I actually have that same spiralizer and it works so well. Now I HAVE to find those radishes.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! I must try this. Radishes are always a big hit in our home.

  7. These look exciting and good!

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