6 Amazing Gluten Free Squash Recipes

Do you love winter squash? If you are like me, you like to add nutrition to your baking. Have kids who hate their vegetables? What better way to sneak in some nutrition than to add sweet winter squash to your baking and cooking? Here are Fearless Dining’s Top 6 winter squash recipes, just in time […]

The Village Pub’s Farm to Table Dishes Makes Gluten Free Dining Easy

The Village Pub in Woodside, CA is on my short list to visit on my next date night. Although the restaurant has “pub” in its name, this is misleading. The Village Pub is an upscale farm to table style restaurant that opened back in 2001. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is its […]

Paleo Gluten Free Almond Lemon Thyme Sable

When Chef Ormachea from Revival Bar & Kitchen sent over his special almond lemon thyme sable recipe. I was ecstatic. This is the very same cookie under Revival’s famous gluten free baked Alaska. Although I do not have their specific baked Alaska recipe, I am going to create one with these cookies and try these […]

Revival Bar & Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dishes Are Worth The Trip

Our family discovered Revival Bar & Kitchen in Berkeley a few months ago. The food was not only delicious, but NONE of our five gluten free family members got sick from cross contamination. I have since returned a couple more times with the same positive results. With this success, I knew I had to interview […]

Flour Chylde Bakery: Gluten Free Goodness

A good friend of mine discovered a gluten free bakery, Flour Chylde Bakery, at her local Sunnyvale Farmer’s market.  I love these new gluten free discoveries. I obviously am a creature of habit. I go to the same Farmer’s Market in Campbell every Sunday, never varying to explore other markets. Well, I learned my lesson […]

Restaurant Interview: La Lune Sucree

When I emailed the owner of La Lune Sucree, a European Pastry Cafe, Mark Pope, I told him “you had me at baguette.” Any cafe that can offer a gluten free sandwich that looks like this photo below, is a winner in my book. Mark and Bettina Pope opened La Lune Sucree, a European Cafe […]

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