Gluten Free at Roam Artisan Burger in Lafayette, CA

Have you been to a Roam Artisan Burger yet? Welcome to burger heaven! I found my burger nirvana 🙂 You can not only get a 100% grass fed burger, you can get free range turkey, natural bison, and organic veggie burgers at their restaurant. We didn’t think to try the salads, but the couple next […]

Gluten Free at Finest Resorts Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Finest Resorts opened 7 weeks ago and our family went to see if they truly could handle gluten free guests. (**We paid for our own trip to Finest Resorts in Playa Mujeres Mexico and all opinions are my own.) This new resort is 30 minutes north of Cancun. Finest Resort is considered a luxury all […]

Podcast Interview: How to Dine Out Safely if you are Gluten Free

Today I was interviewed along with Jennifer Harris by GF Jules on how to dine out safely and avoid cross contact in restaurants. This is such an important topic for people who are either Celiac or gluten intolerant. One mistake by an unaware restaurant can make a gluten free person really, really sick. Know the […]

Restaurant Review: Fish’s Wild

Looking for a fast and healthy option in San Jose? I was shopping in Westgate shopping center not too long ago and decided to try out a fairly new seafood “fast food” restaurant that recently opened up. Fish’s Wild is a chain that has locations in San Jose and Redwood City. I was not sure […]

Yiassoo Greek Restaurant in San Jose

I finally found a good Greek restaurant that I can enjoy in San Jose. Yiassoo Greek Restaurant is located on S. Bascom Avenue in San Jose. I do want to preface this review and tell you they don’t get many customers who ask for gluten free. There is no separate menu. In fact, I had […]

Gluten Free at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley, CA

Has anyone tried Saturn Cafe in Berkeley, CA? It is a vegetarian restaurant located just off Shattuck. My husband and I attended his 30th reunion picnic in Tilden Park. It was a beautiful sunny day for a potluck picnic in the park. I had baked a BIG batch of gluten free macadamia nut chocolate chip […]

Restaurant Review: Rok Bistro

A few months ago, I interviewed the manager at Rok Bistro. I was so intrigued by the concept of cooking your dinner on a hot lava rock that I dragged my husband out for his birthday dinner there 🙂 .  Here is the article if want to read about Rok Bistro’s safe gluten handling procedures. […]

The Good Fork Bistro in Morgan Hill is a Favorite for Gluten Free Dining

Morgan Hill, CA officially has a gluten free “destination” restaurant. Yes, I will make the trek to Morgan Hill for this restaurant. The Good Fork Bistro was that delicious. Not only was my food delicious, but Chef/owner Maurizio was so willing to learn everything about safe gluten free dining. I had interviewed Maurizio well over […]

Gluten Free Cooking on Lava Rock at Rok Bistro

I am a sucker for fondue. There is something about that rich, flavorful, gooey cheese that makes me salivate just thinking about it. I had not eaten fondue since going gluten free several years ago. The good news is that I found a place where I would feel safe eating fondues again. Rok Bistro in […]

Exotic Gluten Free Menu at Skool Tempts Gluten Free Diners in a New Way

Skool may be one of the best kept secrets in the gluten free dining scene in San Francisco. Their exotic gluten free menus are unique, and take advantage of Chef Toshihiro Nagano’s Japanese cooking influences. Not only does Skool have gluten free lunch, dinner, and brunch menus for guests, but they also have separate vegan […]

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