3 Potato 4 is a Delicious Gluten Free Concept

Who loves fries? Healthy fries? Organic fries? How about dedicated fryer not necessary because EVERYTHING is already gluten free fries?? I am jumping up and down for joy after discovering 3 Potato 4 in San Francisco. 3 Potato 4 has been serving up gluten free fries and soups since November of 2013. Who knew fries […]

The Good Fork Bistro in Morgan Hill is a Favorite for Gluten Free Dining

Morgan Hill, CA officially has a gluten free “destination” restaurant. Yes, I will make the trek to Morgan Hill for this restaurant. The Good Fork Bistro was that delicious. Not only was my food delicious, but Chef/owner Maurizio was so willing to learn everything about safe gluten free dining. I had interviewed Maurizio well over […]

Fried, Flipped, or Fake at Proposition Chicken!

There is a new mantra in San Francisco courtesy of Proposition Chicken. Fried, Flipped, or Fake. You can even get all three versions gluten free! Yes. You heard that right….even the fried chicken because Proposition Chicken has a dedicated gluten free fryer. Lets talk about what Fried, Flipped, or Fake mean. First up, fried. If […]

Poquito in San Francisco Brings Variety For Gluten Free Diners

Did you know there were only three authentic Ecuadorian restaurants in the U.S.? You can find them in Queens, Los Angeles, and our very own San Francisco. Poquito is located in the Dog Patch district and opened three years ago. It features recipes from Ecuador and Spain. Much of the food at Poquito is naturally […]

The Village Pub’s Farm to Table Dishes Makes Gluten Free Dining Easy

The Village Pub in Woodside, CA is on my short list to visit on my next date night. Although the restaurant has “pub” in its name, this is misleading. The Village Pub is an upscale farm to table style restaurant that opened back in 2001. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is its […]

Revival Bar & Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dishes Are Worth The Trip

Our family discovered Revival Bar & Kitchen in Berkeley a few months ago. The food was not only delicious, but NONE of our five gluten free family members got sick from cross contamination. I have since returned a couple more times with the same positive results. With this success, I knew I had to interview […]

Level Two Steakhouse at the Oakland Marriott Tosses Out the Gluten!

Something incredible has happened at Level Two Steakhouse in the Oakland City Center Marriott. Level Two was converted to a certified Angus steakhouse two months ago. Strangely enough, it is the only steakhouse in Oakland. And even better news: Executive Chef Tony Kzaz has challenged himself to toss all gluten out of the kitchen while […]

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout Really Understands Gluten Free Dining

Eddie Papa’s American Hangout is a “must” try if you are in the Pleasanton, CA area. Owner/chef Ed and his family are gluten free at home, so they really understand how to take care of gluten free customers the right way in their restaurant. Keep an eye out for the next post with his popular […]

Park 121 in Sonoma Has Tons of Gluten Free Options

Today I had the pleasure to talk to Executive Chef Bruce Riezenman, owner and chef of Park 121 in Sonoma. Bruce is considered one of California’s leading authorities on wine and food pairings. Bruce owned a catering company for over 25 years. When I asked Bruce what inspired him to open a restaurant, he told […]

Restaurant Interview: Pennini’s Ristorante Italiano

(After my article on cross contamination and pizza restaurants, I wanted to write up a pizza restaurant that takes cross contamination seriously. This restaurant takes a lot of the necessary precautions to keep their gluten free customers safe.) Pennini’s Ristorante Italiano is located in Moraga, CA.  When I called and spoke to the owner, Pat, […]

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