Simple Country Hamburger Vegetable Soup

This country hamburger vegetable soup is hearty enough to be a meal, yet tasty enough to get your kids to eat their veggies 🙂 It is starting to cool off here in the Bay Area. Evenings are cool, and nights are almost chilly in the mid 60s. It is officially fall, my favorite time of […]

Easy Ground Beef Stuffed Pasilla Peppers

Pasilla peppers are a perfect pepper to stuff and bake. They are mild, and add a great flavor that bakes into the filling. Bake them into a casserole for a delicious dinner that is perfect for potlucks too. This summer has been a really busy summer for our family. We have been entertaining friends, and […]

Italian Gluten Free Meat Loaves

These mini Italian gluten free meat loaves may look like cupcakes, but they are a savory and delicious dinner idea. Your kids will love these, even when they realize these meat loaves are healthy! This easy dinner recipe would have been a perfect April Fool’s joke for my family….but I am often behind the times […]

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