Restaurant Review Hult’s in Los Gatos

Have you been to the sous vide restauant, Hult’s, in Los Gatos? My husband won an award for celebrating his 25th year at his company a few weeks ago and part of his gift was a nice dinner out. We knew we wanted something special and romantic and we had heard a lot about Hult’s […]

Restaurant Review: Fish’s Wild

Looking for a fast and healthy option in San Jose? I was shopping in Westgate shopping center not too long ago and decided to try out a fairly new seafood “fast food” restaurant that recently opened up. Fish’s Wild is a chain that has locations in San Jose and Redwood City. I was not sure […]

Gluten Free Options at Liquid Bread Gastro Pub

I bet you never thought a place called Liquid Bread Gastro Pub would be able to adapt recipes for gluten free dining! Liquid Bread is located in quaint downtown Campbell, CA. This restaurant is hugely popular and if you don’t make a reservation, there is a very good chance you will not get a table. […]

Gluten Free Breakfast at Stacks’ in Campbell

When is the last time you had a gluten free waffle for breakfast in a restaurant? Stacks’ is our family’s favorite place to bring the kids. Stacks is located right in downtown Campbell, CA. This restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. We love the large gluten free menu and all ofand Stacks’ understands how […]

Lunchtime Review of Krung Thai

If you don’t look closely, you will drive right past Krung Thai. Although this restaurant is on the main road, it is hidden behind a bunch of trees. I must admit, this restaurant confuses me to no end. If you call and ask about precautions they take for gluten free orders, they will tell you […]

Sweet Marie’s Gluten Free Bakery in Kauai

Have you been to Kauai? Our family was fortunate enough to go for a vacation to Kauai this past summer. (You remember that week where two tropical storms were headed for Hawaii? That was when we were vacationing there!) I am sure you all know how hard it is to be gluten free while traveling. […]

Gluten Free at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley, CA

Has anyone tried Saturn Cafe in Berkeley, CA? It is a vegetarian restaurant located just off Shattuck. My husband and I attended his 30th reunion picnic in Tilden Park. It was a beautiful sunny day for a potluck picnic in the park. I had baked a BIG batch of gluten free macadamia nut chocolate chip […]

Restaurant Review: Rok Bistro

A few months ago, I interviewed the manager at Rok Bistro. I was so intrigued by the concept of cooking your dinner on a hot lava rock that I dragged my husband out for his birthday dinner there 🙂 .  Here is the article if want to read about Rok Bistro’s safe gluten handling procedures. […]

Restaurant Review: Top This Pizza

The kids are still away at their sleep away camp and David and I are still exploring local restaurants for gluten free options 🙂 .  My Celiac friend has sworn by the gluten free pizzas at Top This Pizza in Los Gatos for months. She and her daughter both have Celiac Disease and have not […]

Restaurant Review: Sorelle Italian Bistro Campbell

Last night my husband, David, and I found truly incredible Italian food. And we found Sorelle Italian Bistro in a tiny little strip mall, tucked away and hidden in the middle of a residential neighborhood. It doesn’t look like much and I never would have guessed I would find such authentic Italian food here. Before […]

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