One Pan Shiitake Mushroom Smoked Salmon Risotto

Do you love smoked salmon? This easy one pan shiitake mushroom smoked salmon risotto is a family-favorite dinner recipe to try! Smoked salmon gives this risotto a smokey rich flavor that is delicious. Hey there! I hope you are all having a great week. My week has been great and I am topping it off with one […]

Family Fun Mango Coconut Dessert Sushi

This week you are in for a treat with this delicious coconut sticky rice mango sushi recipe. Think of this as a deconstructed mango with coconut sticky rice recipe that you would order at your favorite Thai restaurant. Do you love sushi? Today I created a fun new treat. Something for sushi lovers, and sushi […]

Easy Blackberry Tarragon One Pan Baked Chicken

All you need is one pan to create this delicious baked blackberry tarragon chicken recipe. This recipe is perfect for those busy nights when you don’t have time for a lot of meal prep. September is Family Meal Month. What better time to celebrate family togetherness than over a nutritious family dinner? School is back […]

Slow Cooker Lamb Stew with Hatch Chile Peppers

This slow cooker lamb stew with roasted hatch chile peppers is a hearty, spicy stew that goes beautifully over rice. Tender meat with a spicy kick makes this a satisfying dinner. Dump the ingredients into a slow cooker and enjoy 5 hours later. If you have been reading along with me the past few weeks, […]

Easy Vegan Vanilla Rice Pudding Hack

If you love creamy rice pudding, this super quick and easy hack will have you enjoying this treat in no time. Not only is this rice pudding creamy and delicious, but it is also vegan AND gluten free!! The best part? No baking or fussing because this hack makes this rice pudding recipe so easy. […]

Chocolate & Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango

This coconut sticky rice with mango has a new fun twist for all of you chocolate lovers out there. What is your favorite part about going to a Thai restaurant? For me, hands down, it is the mango sticky rice dessert. There is something about the subtly sweet coconut flavored sauce that seeps into the […]

Cheap and Easy Gluten Free Paella

If you love paella, but hate how expensive it can be to make, you will love this easy poor man’s paella. Full of scallop, shrimp, and calamari, your friends will never know you skimped on cost. I love paella, especially gluten free paella :-). Paella Paella is a Spanish dish that originated back in the […]

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