Sundried Tomato and Pesto Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

If you are looking for a wonderful meatless dish, this sun-dried tomato and pesto stuffed spaghetti squash is a quick and easy choice. Winter squash is back in season and I couldn’t be happier. Winter squash are nutrient dense and can be used in everything from soups, to appetizers, to meals and desserts. Spaghetti squash […]

How to Cook Gluten Free Pasta to Avoid Mushy Pasta

Do you hate mushy gluten free pasta? This hack will help you make perfect pasta every time. Try it with this simple gluten free marinara sauce recipe. If you want to cook gluten free pasta, that isn’t mushy, read further down to see this famous hack to have delicious al dente pasta every time! Have […]

Shiitake Mushrooms with Balsamic Glaze Over Polenta

This shiitake mushrooms with a red wine balsamic glaze over polenta is delicious as either an appetizer, or a main dish. This sauteed shiitake mushroom recipe is a delicious recipe for any occasion. Our family is trying to eat one vegetarian or vegan dish each week as a way to be more healthy. This has […]

Easy Vegetarian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Do you love portobello mushrooms? This easy stuffed mushroom recipe is a delicious healthy dinner. There is something about a portobello mushroom that speaks to me. They are earthy and healthy. And even better, they can hold lots of tasty fillings 🙂 . Today was the day to use up the vegetables in the refrigerator […]