Gourmet White Chocolate Popcorn

This gourmet white chocolate Easter bunny popcorn is something quick and easy to make for a special dessert. This candied popcorn makes a fun project to make with your kids. Are you ready for the holidays? This year we are stuck at home because our kids have different spring break schedules. That means lots of […]

White Chocolate Mocha Mousse

Love those white chocolate mochas you see at Starbucks? This creamy sweet mousse will definitely be a hit with your friends and family. This no-bake dessert is perfect for those days when it is too hot to cook. This mocha mousse recipe is a fabulous copy-cat to those Starbucks white chocolate mochas. And I have a […]

Gluten Free Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Rugelach

If you love traditional rugelach, these gluten free strawberry white chocolate chip rugelach will be a fun new flavor to try! This is the dessert my family has been waiting for. Rugelach Traditional rugelach is a Jewish cookie with chocolate and nuts that you can find in many bakeries and cafes. Mr. Fearless Dining’s grandmother used […]

Yummy Gluten Free Cranberry Muffins with White Chocolate Chips

If you love cranberries, you will want to make these healthy gluten free cranberry lime white chocolate chip muffins. Cranberries Cranberries aren’t just for Thanksgiving! I am so glad our store still carries fresh cranberries so I can share this easy cranberry muffin recipe to you. Cranberries are not only great in recipes. They have […]

Gluten Free Cranberry Macadamia White Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love soft cookies, these gluten free cranberry macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookies will become your new favorite cookie recipe! We are finally in my favorite time of year. The leaves are turning colors, the air is cooler, and cranberries are back! I love using these tart little berries in my baking. This […]

Gluten Free Candied Ginger White Chocolate Biscotti

If you love candied ginger, you will love it in this gluten free ginger white chocolate biscotti recipe! I am not sure what is wrong with me! I love biscotti, buy gluten free biscotti from our favorite local coffee place all of the time, but I have never made my own biscotti. Has this happened […]

Gluten Free Pumpkin Tart with Dark Rum

It is officially pumpkin season! What better way to celebrate than with a gluten free pumpkin tart? Pumpkin smells are about to overtake your kitchen and thrill your senses. This gluten free pumpkin tart will do just this! I can even guarantee the smells of this tart baking will bring secluded teens out of their […]

3 Ingredient Minty White Chocolate Fudge Bites

If you love creamy fudge, this simple 3 ingredient minty white chocolate fudge bite recipe will soon become your favorite recipe. If you have condensed milk and white chocolate chips, you have everything you need to make this creamy white chocolate fudge. The third ingredient? Minty chips…but you could skip the mint, or add something […]

Easy Gluten Free White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

My daughter had her birthday and she really wanted “real” (ie: don’t add healthy stuff) cookies to share with her volleyball team. I think these gluten free white and dark chocolate chip cookies were a big hit. You won’t see many of these recipes on my site. Full on sugar bombs. Easy gluten free chocolate […]

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