Fearless Dining

Beginner’s Guide to Baking Cinnamon  Apple Scones

Sandi Gaertner

If you haven't made homemade scones yet, you are in for a special treat!

Let’s get started!

6 Fast Rules For Making Scones

01 Use the right gluten free flour blend

02 Use aluminum free baking powder

03 Use cold ingredients - 

04 Mix in the fruit or mix-ins gently

05 Shape the scones in a circle.

06 Bake them.

Use the right gluten free flour blend


I prefer to use King Arthur Measure for Measure or Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten Free Blend for scones.

Aluminum Free Baking Powder


Regular baking powder can leave a slight bitter taste so I recommend aluminum free baking powder.

Use COLD butter


The colder the ingredients, the flakier your scones will turn out!

Mix in the apples gently


Always be gentle mixing in the fruit or mix-ins you use.

Shape the scone dough


Press the dough into a circle shape. Use a knife to make cut lines on the dough (aka score the dough).