DIY  Gluten-Free Stuffing Mix


* 6 cups gluten free bread * 2-3 TBSP olive oil * Dried seasonings: thyme, sage, basil, oregano * Bay leaf * Salt & pepper

Dump the bread cubes into a large bowl. Sprinkle the olive oil and seasonings over the cubes and toss to coat them in oil.


Pour the seasoned gf bread cubes onto a cookie sheet and spread them out so they are not on top of each other. Bake.


Store the gluten free stuffing mix in a mason jar or another air-tight container.


Use these gluten free stuffing mix cubes to make one of these 3 delicious gluten free stuffing recipes.

Traditional-style gluten free stuffing with sausage, mushrooms and fresh herbs.

Gluten Free Stuffing with Mushrooms and Persimmons.

Glutten Free Cranberry and Wild Mushroom Stuffing.