There are so many different sweeteners that it can be hard to know which fits a gluten free diet. This post will focus on one of the more common types of sweeteners – brown sugar. 

Brown sugar is popular for its caramel flavors and is used in many baking recipes and shopping lists. But is brown sugar truly gluten free? 

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What Is Brown Sugar?

Brown sugar is a sugar made from mixing granulated sugar and molasses. The molasses gives the sugar its beautiful golden color and deep flavor. When added to baked goods, brown sugar gives them a maple syrup-like taste that makes them absolutely delicious! 

Molasses is a syrup made from sugar beets or sugar cane. It’s dark, thick, and sticky. Depending on how much molasses is added to the granulated sugar, you can get light brown or dark brown sugar. You can read more about whether molasses is gluten free for more details.

Answer: Is Brown Sugar Gluten Free?

Yes! Brown sugar is gluten free because it is simply white sugar mixed with molasses. Both of those ingredients are naturally free from gluten. Most bags of brown sugar are not labeled “gluten free” because there are only two ingredients. The manufacturers generally don’t have issues with cross-contamination. 

There are two issues to look out for when purchasing brown sugar at your local grocery store.

First, most companies that sell brown sugar use pure cane sugar. Still, some take the cheaper route and cut the sugar with artificial sweeteners. These additives sometimes include gluten-based ingredients, so it is best to double-check the ingredients list before purchasing. Look for brown sugar that has no additives, flavorings, etc. 

The other issue is cross-contamination. Unfortunately, there are a few brands that have cross-contamination with gluten. The list below provides a list of popular brands of brown sugar that are entirely safe to eat. 

Still worried? You can easily make homemade brown sugar by mixing white cane sugar with molasses in a food processor until well combined. That’s it! You can add as much molasses as possible to make your own light or dark-brown sugar. 

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What Brands Of Brown Sugar Are Gluten Free?

The brown sugar brands below are gluten free and free from gluten contamination. As things change, take a closer look at the ingredients list and packaging to ensure. 

Look for a “certified” gluten free label for the most effortless time shopping. 

  • Big Tree Farms Brown Coconut Sugar
  • Domino Brown Sugar
  • Natural Earth Light Brown Sugar
  • Wholesome Dark Brown Sugar
  • Great Value Brown Sugar
  • Imperial Sugar Dark Brown Sugar
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Gluten Free Recipes With Brown Sugar:

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