My readers are my why. Why I create and test all of my gluten free recipes multiple times, spend hours answering reader questions every day, and why I love what I do. Here is what my readers say about Fearless Dining and my recipes.

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I get daily comments via email and social media about my blog, tested recipes, and how much I help them in their gluten-free journey. Helping people with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance is a goal of mine. It makes me feel like I am contributing to improving people’s lives.

Here is what my readers say about my blog, Fearless Dining, and my recipes and resources:

Reader Quotes:

You are my “go-to” source for gluten-free cooking.  I have a daughter and 2 grandkids who have Celiac and it is so important to cook gluten-free for them when they come to visit.  I made an entire Thanksgiving meal this year all gluten-free and most choices I got from your website.  The orange rolls were a big hit and very much enjoyed.  in addition to great recipes, your recipe tips and extra advice are so helpful and your pictures are beautifully done.  Thank you so much!”

Corrine B., Blog comment

OMGoodness….what you do for all of us…well, there are no words. The recipes on your site, the free printable mini-cookbooks, the rapid responses to a question…. There are no words….overall, GF baking has improved drastically over the 11 years since my diagnosis. As a lifelong baker, it was SO very discouraging and expensive(!) to have so many fails. I’d pretty much given up on baking that would taste good for EVERYONE. I am so grateful to you, and a couple of other chefs out there, who are so very generous in your time, expertise, and your heart to help the GF community. Finally, we can bake for ourselves AND our families, with confidence. I have no idea how you earn any $ from it, but either way it’s a huge “mitzvah.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I think (know) many here will agree!”

Maria F., Facebook comment
This is awesome information!!! Thank you! Your site is the only place that is actually accurate for the nerds rope. Everyone else says gluten-free. My daughter got glutened by one and I thought it was safe because everywhere said safe. But when she started showing symptoms, I knew something was off. So I contacted the manufacturer and they confirmed it wasn’t gluten free. Then I saw your article. I wish I had seen yours before I gave it to her. But thank you for providing the best accurate information.”
Esther S., Blog comment

I’m an 82 yr old grandma with 7 adult children and 22 grandchildren. Several have celiac. Because of YOU and all you’ve taught me, my daughters feel safe to let me cook for my grandchildren. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Know that your work reaches me and my family all the way to Chicago, Il. And GF banana bread is a staple in my house. My 19 year old grandson asks for a loaf as his birthday present. I just wanted to reach out to let you know what a special gift you have given my family. God bless you and yours.

Audrey T., Contact Me email

Made you pumpkin bars the other day. My granddaughter has Celiac. I wish you could of seen how her eyes lit up and the huge smile on her face when she bit into it and said oh grandma, these are the best gluten free baked things you have ever made.”

Rosalie H., Pinterest comment

The best thing is your GF stuff doesn’t taste awful like most GF stuff. Your page is so special, @fearless dining because until those people are afraid to eat because of illness, allergy, pain, awful taste, or other cause, they will never know how stressful cooking and eating can be and nearly impossible to dine out. This page is a refuge that helped me normalize food again for me. Thank you.”

Julie G., Facebook comment

I love your recipes. I love the details about which flour you specifically used and tips like one cake you said to let it sit for a certain amount of time before baking to help with the gf flour.”

Stephanie S., Facebook comment

You have no idea how excited I am to have found you/this site and I can’t wait to try this!! Being gluten sensitive you just succumb to never being able to eat your normal favorites/comfort foods… but you have changed that!! THANK YOU for continuously striving to perfect these recipes.”

Pamela W., Facebook comment

I have a family that has more than one coeliac in it, and also has limited financial means. I don’t have the capability of just trying recipes out willy-nilly, and then being a flop.

Every single one of your recipes that I’ve tried have turned out amazing. I’m never afraid to try some thing that you post and I know that takes a lot of work on your end so thank you. “

Delia M., Facebook comment

I think you’re “SPOT ON” with all the info and I love that you acknowledge our comments and likes!

Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and all the work you put into this group! I personally can’t afford to buy a lot of extra flours and I really appreciate how you try different ones and tell us about your results! Thank you!!

Kay M., Facebook comment

I love ❤️ all your recipes! I have learned so much about GF baking and cooking from you. Thank you so much for sharing the love of cooking and baking Gluten free!!

I’m newly diagnosed and this site helped me tremendously! I really appreciate all you do!! Thanks again and and happy holidays ❤️❤️🙏🏼

Doris M., Facebook comment

Thanks for all YOU do to help us in this difficult journey.”

Ky S., Facebook comment

Thank you for all you do for us. As a newer Celiac, you really help me. your recipes remind me that I can still have delicious foods and still have fun cooking/baking.”

Amanda L., Blog comment

I’m a new baker to the gluten free world. I made peanut butter blossoms before I became gluten intolerant and they never turned out as good as I wished. I saw this gluten free recipe and thought let’s give it a try. I followed the recipe as printed. Very easy to follow. I must say they are absolutely delicious!! Better than the gluten recipe. I asked my adult son to try them. Initially he said I don’t really like that kind but he did try them. His response was these are absolutely delicious, way better than your old recipe. What I love about her recipes are they are simple to follow and the quantity the recipe stated was how many cookies it made. Can’t wait to try more of her recipes!!”

Debbie R., Blog comment

Awaiting breathlessly! Love your recipes! I have a coffee shop and bake with your GF recipes & tell customers about your site. Thanks for making me look good as a baker!”

Michelle H., Facebook comment

Sandi, as a severe celiac, I can honestly say you have the very best recipes, tips, etc. of anyone to date! Thank you for doing what you do.”

Maggie C., Facebook comment

I love your recipes and I find your posts easy to navigate. I don’t always like reading all of the posts, however, I do with GF baking. I have appreciated your tips.”

Jan Y., Facebook comment

Another great recipe with common, on hand ingredients. I always jump to recipe before I read so I know what ingredients I need. 😋

Karen F., Facebook comment

I love your site! I wouldn’t trade length of a post for the valuable information included- the testing of different flour blends is a huge asset but takes space. The trade off is fair.”

Lauren S., Facebook comment

Just made these today for the family pool party tomorrow but hubby wants to keep them to himself! So good 😋 Definitely a keeper!”

Joanne K., Facebook comment

Wonderful recipe!! I tried 5 or 6 other GF bread recipes that were flops. I’ve probably made this recipe over a dozen times. It usually barely makes it out of the bread maker before it starts getting eaten! Light, Moist, and fluffy. I’ve also found that if I’m running short on sorghum flour it’s very forgiving with substituting other GF flours, just may need to add to more water. A few tbsp of almond flour gives a lovely texture. Can’t thank enough for such a great recipe!!”

Kathy, Blog comment

Your recipes are my favorites for multiple reasons. They turn out delicious, they are easy to follow and I love the tips you include. Your recipes are my go to. Your feedback to my questions are quick and helpful. I could not have navigated my son’s celiac diagnosis as easily as I have without Your recipes.”

Laura T., Facebook comment

I love all your recipes and I agree with others who have said I greatly appreciate the variety. I like them the way they are and I love that you tell what brands you use and give other options in the notes. Thank you for all your hard work as you are busy like the rest of us but still take the time to do this as an amazing service for those of us dealing with celiac. Thank you for making it easier for us by testing it all out until it works. My best advice is you should put together a book so we can all buy it to support your hard work. God bless you and can’t wait for more recipes!!!”

Monica M., Facebook comment

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