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Our family’s gluten free journey began seven years ago, before the term gluten intolerance was widely known. My husband was first to find out, then a couple of years later both of our kids tested positive as well. When our daughter’s test result numbers were off the charts high, the doctor said it had to come from both parents. I was shocked, and my test results were also sky-high. (*I suspect my daughter and I are Celiac because of how sick we get from gluten, but neither of us can eat gluten to get tested for this.)

With our diagnosis “in hand” we left the doctor’s office a little shell-shocked.

This was before there were many yummy gluten free products in the stores to buy. I had no idea how to make gluten free food my kids would like, nor did I know how to make this whole transition easier for the kids. Our kids were younger and they didn’t want to eat different foods from their friends and classmates.

I began developing fun kid-friendly recipes and kept a notebook of all of the recipes. In 2014, I decided to create a food blog to help people discover how delicious gluten free foods can be. I bet you will never guess most of these recipes are even gluten free!

My blog also a database of over 650 Bay Area restaurants’ safe gluten handling procedures.

This database spells out what the restaurants do to practice safe gluten handling practices. this database is searchable by Part of Bay Area, City, and Type of Food. It works really well on mobile devices so you can search for that perfect place to eat on your phone. I don’t keep up with this as much as I used to…it takes a lot of time as new restaurants are launching almost weekly here in the Bay Area. If you find somewhere great, I would love an email so I can add them to the database :-).

If I can help you transition to gluten free in any way, please send me a note. The beginning stages can be so hard.

I would love to hear from you!







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