If you are a cocktail or top-shelf margarita kind of person, chances are you have had Cointreau. This liquor has the flavor of bitter orange peels, and it is the heart of many delicious cocktail recipes. Many with celiac wonder, is Cointreau gluten free?

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What Is Cointreau?

Cointreau is a liquor that was created back in 1849. It was merged with the Remy Martin brand in 1989. Cointreau is an orange liquor distilled from natural ingredients like orange peels and spices. It is made in France and imported by many countries around the world.

This distilled spirit has a crisp, not too sweet, orange flavor, making this liquor popular in many cocktail recipes. This hard orange liquor has an alcohol content that is 80-proof. It is made with simple ingredients.

Many may wonder what the difference is between Cointreau and Grand Marnier. Both liquors have a rich orange flavor, but Grand Marnier is a blend of brandy and triple sec, whereas Cointreau is pure triple sec.

Cointreau is popular in top-shelf margaritas and other alcoholic drinks. It is a great drink for so many different occasions.

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Answer: Is Cointreau Gluten Free?

Yes, Cointreau is gluten free! This liquor is one of the few not made from wheat, and Cointreau has no gluten ingredients. It is made with safe ingredients and is perfect for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. There is no cross-contamination of this liqueur because there is no wheat used at the manufacturing plant.

Cointreau is a crystal clear-colored alcohol. The ingredients down to the final product are all high quality, and gluten free drinks made with Cointreau are perfect for any happy hour.

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Cocktail Recipes With Cointreau:

There are so many great recipes for cocktails made with Cointreau. Many drink recipes you can find on the company’s website.

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