Growing up, you probably enjoyed eating fun and colorful gummy bears. They are the perfect treat! So what isn’t there to love about these gummy bears, from their fun bear shape to their variety of flavors? 

But as cases of gluten intolerance continue to rise, the important question is: are Haribo Gummy Bears gluten free? 

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What Are Gummy Bears?

The classic bear-shaped candy was first created in the 1920s by Hans Riegel in Germany. He used to work in a confectionary factory but hated it. So, Hans decided to make his own candies, eventually making the now-famous gummy bear! If you haven’t guessed by now, Hans Riegel was the founder of Haribo!

Gummy bears are a gelatin-based candy that is soft and chewy in texture, and they come in fun fruit flavors. The idea for gummy bears likely comes from Turkish delight, another soft candy. 

Though gummy bears were created in Germany, they have become a global sensation and now take on many different flavors and shapes. As a result, there are endless flavor and shape choices, from sour “spaghetti” gummies to soda-flavored gummies.

However, with all of these choices, are they gluten free friendly? Can people with Celiac disease enjoy this sweet treat?

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Answer: Are Haribo Gummy Bears Gluten Free?

No, Haribo Gummy Bears are no longer gluten free. If you have been eating Haribo for a long time, you may have noticed a difference in your body’s reactions in the past few years. Though the bag states that the formula has been unchanged since the 1920s, that’s not exactly true. 

A few years ago, a new ingredient was added to the Haribo gummy bear – glucose. Unfortunately, glucose is a potential red flag because it can come from wheat or corn. This candy is still dairy-free, but unfortunately, it is no longer gluten free.

Therefore, eating Haribo gummy bears or Haribo products will likely experience adverse symptoms from consuming gluten. It certainly makes me sick now!

Unfortunately, because we use ingredients containing wheat in some HARIBO products, we cannot rule out entirely the possibility that our products or the ingredients used to produce them have come into contact with products containing gluten. Our products may therefore contain traces of gluten. Please always consult the ingredients list on the product packaging. Allergens that are subject to allergen labelling guidelines appear in bold in the ingredients list.

What About Other Gummy Bear Brands?

Yes and no. For most, gummy bears derive their chewy texture from glucose syrup. This syrup comes from wheat or corn, as mentioned above. Many gummy candy brands also use wheat starch for texture, making them not gluten-free. 

Fortunately, there are still many gummy bear brands that are gluten free! There are quite a few gluten free gummy bear brands. Remember, Haribo used to be gluten-free, so getting that perfect texture without adding gluten is possible! 

One thing to remember with gluten-free gummy bears is to look for the certified gluten-free label on the bag. A bag of gummy bears can be labeled gluten-free but simultaneously be exposed to cross-contamination. The label “gluten free” means their ingredients do not contain gluten. But it could still be manufactured alongside gluten products. 

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What Brands Of Gummy Bears Are Gluten Free?

  • Lily’s Gummy Bears
  • Smartsweets Gummy Bears
  • Yum Earth Gummy Bears 
  • Albanese Gummi Bears
  • Boston Fruit Slices
  • Black Forest Gummy Bears
  • Candy People Swedish Dala Horse
  • Pink Panda Sour Gummies 

What About Other Gummy Brands In General?

Thanks to their flexible texture, gummies can take on many shapes. So, what about gummy worms or gummy fruit snacks? Are those also gluten free?

It’s similar to gummy bears, where some may have gluten-based ingredients while others do not. Check the ingredients to ensure there are no glucose syrup or other gluten additives. 

Depending on the flavor and brand of the gummy candies, they have coloring or flavoring that has gluten. Therefore, it is always best to read the ingredients label to ensure you are not consuming any gluten. The easiest way to know if candy is gluten free is to look for the “gluten free” certified label on the packaging. 

If you’re a lover of sour candies, don’t worry. The “sour” taste comes from citric acid or tartaric acid, gluten free ingredients. So, you can continue to enjoy your gluten free gummies even if they are sour! 

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  1. Oh wow, this was a big surprise to me! I have passed this article to my family as I have members with coeliac disease. Thank you for this information!

  2. Glucose syrup even from wheat is gluten free. Haribo May have risk of wheat bc some products contain wheat flour but glucose syrup of any kind is gf

  3. The National Celiac Society recognizes glucose syrup even those derived from wheat, rye or barley, as gluten free. Do people still have reactions?