Evaporated milk is an ingredient frequently used in baking and cooking. You can buy it made with cow’s milk or coconut milk. Several brands make this creamy milk, and you may wonder, is evaporated milk gluten free?

A can of evaporated milk.

What Is Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk is milk that is heated over a period of time to evaporate out some of the water. It leaves somewhat thick milk that has a long shelf life when canned. Evaporated milk is creamy and makes a great substitute for half and half.

You can buy evaporated milk at almost any grocery store in regular, low fat, and skim. If you are dairy-free, there is a brand that even makes evaporated milk out of coconut milk! Coconut milk is also an excellent vegan substitute for condensed milk!

Evaporated milk is used to help thicken and make soups and sauces more creamy. It is also used frequently in mac and cheese for a creamier cheese sauce, coffee as a creamer, and baking to add more flavor.

If you wonder how evaporated milk compares to condensed milk, the two are not interchangeable, as condensed milk is a lot thicker and sweetened.

Evaporated milk is nice to bake with. Be sure to check to see what baking ingredients are gluten free.

Answer: Is Evaporated Milk Gluten Free?

Luckily, evaporated milk is gluten free! The only ingredient is milk, which is naturally gluten free. Most brands, including Nestle Carnation, one of the larger brands making evaporated milk, list this as a gluten free product.

I will add that it doesn’t matter if cows are fed gluten. The cow’s digestive system breaks gluten down and does NOT pass it through to the milk. I have seen a lot of false information about animals and their diets, so I wanted to clarify this.

a can of Nestle evaporated milk.

Brands Of Evaporated Milk:

  • Nestle Carnation All Varieties of Evaporated Mik
  • Great Value (Walmart brand)
  • PET brand
  • 365 Organic Evaporated Milk (Whole Foods)
  • Baker’s Corner Evaporated Milk (Aldi)
  • Trader Joe’s Evaporated Milk
  • California Farms Evaporated Milk
  • Signature Select (Raley’s Grocery Store Chain In-House Brand)
  • Nature’s Charm (coconut condensed milk)

Also, check out Is Heavy Cream Gluten Free, so you have all of the information you need to prevent getting glutened!

Recipes Using Evaporated Milk:

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