Fudge is a fantastic treat that tends to be more available during the holiday months, but you can always find a reason to eat it. Unless you’re gluten free, of course, where you might be wondering, is fudge gluten free?

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While you can make fudge in your own kitchen, you may need help determining if the fudge is safe when you are gifted a tin of fudge from a friend or family member. And what do you do when you see ready-made fudge at the store?

If you are a chocoholic like me, I will try to help you by sharing everything I know about fudge and gluten! If you love sweets as I do, check out to see what candy is gluten free.

What Is Fudge?

To me, fudge is totally irresistible. Fudge is a candy made with butter, sugar, and milk. Once it sets in the pan, you can cut it into squares to arrange on platters at parties, as a gift to friends and family, or simply enjoy dessert.

When a manufacturer uses just the basic ingredients, there is no gluten. But there are so many different flavors of fudge, and many companies make fudge. Depending on what else is added, and if made on dedicated gluten free equipment, you can determine if the fudge is safe for you to eat.

Answer: Is Fudge Gluten Free?

The answer to whether fudge is gluten free is maybe. It will vary widely depending on the manufacturer or what ingredients were used if it is homemade. If fudge is gluten-free depends on which company makes the fudge. If you’re making homemade fudge in your kitchen, you can easily make it gluten free.

Be careful to avoid ingredients like crumbled cookies unless they are gluten free. Fudge with cookies will have gluten unless you seek gluten-free cookies (like Gluten Free Oreos, for instance).

When it comes to fudge, whether you buy it in a store or a specialty candy shop, you’ll have to proceed cautiously.

First, check the label for ingredients at the store to see if any flour is added to thicken the fudge. Another potential red flag is whether the fudge was made on shared equipment or if the fudge is stored on trays near gluten candy. Lastly, be sure ingredients like nuts or other mix-ins are not made on shared equipment.

When in doubt, you can ask the company directly if they use gluten in their fudge recipe or if their fudge is produced on shared equipment. Most companies have a Contact Us page on their brand website. This way, you will know for sure!

Many use cream to make fudge. Be sure to see Is Heavy Cream Gluten Free to ensure your cream is gluten free.

What Store-Bought Fudge Is Gluten Free?

Because there are so many specialty shops and pre-made fudges from local bakeries, it’s impossible to know every specific brand. As a general rule, always check the ingredients label before buying or eating any fudge you didn’t make yourself.

  • Sees Candy
  • Frankenmuth Fudge
  • Sedona Fudge Company
  • Snake and Butterfly
  • Mo’s Fudge Factor
A stack of three pieces of rocky road fudge.

What Are Ways To Use Fudge?

  • Aside from just eating it and swooning with delight, you can take your gluten-free fudge and add it to any gluten-free dessert.
  • Throw it in with your gluten-free brownie or cookie mix.
  • Add it to your hot cocoa.
  • And if you simply have made too much of it to eat, fudge makes a beautiful gift wrapped up in a lovely tin. Just make sure the recipient doesn’t have a problem with dairy!
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