Whether at a bar or a sports event, beer seems to be a drink heavily marketed in the United States. It’s shown as a refreshing drink that you can enjoy (when you’re of age) with a couple of friends while sitting back and relaxing.

But, if you’re gluten intolerant or have Celiac disease, how relaxing is a can of beer? More specifically, how safe is it for gluten-free people to drink Miller Lite? Is Miller Lite gluten free?

A six pack of miller lite.

What Is Miller Lite?

Miller Lite beer is an alcoholic beverage created in 1975 to be the first light-lager beer. This beer was made to be less caloric and heavy than other popular beers around that time. Many describe Miller Lite as having malt flavors and notes of toffee. In addition, it has a deep gold color that is lighter than regular beers. 

The light beer is made from water, barley, yeast, hop extract, and corn syrup. There may be a few other additives for preservation, but these are the main ingredients used to make Miller Lite. 

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Answer: Is Miller Lite Gluten Free?

No, Miller Lite is not gluten-free. One of the main ingredients in making Miller Lite is a barley malt, a gluten grain. Miller Lite has no gluten-free option, so it is best for those on a gluten-free diet to skip it. In addition, most light and regular beers have over 20 ppm gluten and is unsafe for those with a gluten allergy. 

For food or beverage to be gluten-free, the FDA requires that it have less than 20 ppm of gluten. Unfortunately, Miller Lite has gluten levels well over 20 ppm of gluten, so it is unsafe for those in the gluten-free community to consume. 

Most light beers from other brands also have gluten, so avoiding light beers when going out is best. If beer is made in the traditional brewing process, it will likely have gluten in one form or another. Even if it doesn’t contain barley as Miller Lite does, many flavorings and additives are used in beer that comes from gluten-containing ingredients. 

When you’re going out with friends, there are two options you can try. The first is to stick with naturally gluten-free drinks or have more accessible gluten-free options. This could include drinks like rum, tequila, wine, hard cider, or gluten free beers.

Surprisingly, there are some great craft beers with gluten-free options. This may be because the manufacturer is gluten-free, or they have found an innovative way to use different non-gluten grains. Gluten free craft beer may be a bit more expensive than Miller Lite, but it is the safest bet if you still want to enjoy a cold, light beer. 

Brands Of Gluten Free Beer:

Always check the ingredients labels and the manufacturer’s website to ensure there is no gluten in the light or regular beer you are drinking.

  • Bierly Brewing Felix Pilsner 
  • Glutenberg
  • Bard
  • New Grist
  • Soonish
  • New Planet
  • Fat Randy’s IPA
  • GroundBreaker
  • Redbridge Lager
  • Third Contact IPA 
  • Glutenator IPA 

Miller Lite is not gluten-free, and most light beers are made from barley or wheat, which are forms of gluten.

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