Tahini is a flavorful paste that can be used in so many Mediterranean recipes. Although it is easy to make from scratch, many people buy it at their local grocery store. Before you use it in your next recipe, is tahini gluten free?

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What Is Tahini?

Tahini is a smooth sesame seed paste that is popular in both the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. It is used in many recipes ranging from hummus to being used in sauces for meats and salad dressings. Traditional tahini sauce is made of simple ingredients. Some people even use it to make cookies!

Some companies use 100% sesame seeds, while others include lemon juice and salt too.

Tahini has the same creamy consistency as natural peanut butter. Once you open the jar, it is best to store the tahini in an airtight container in your refrigerator. Note you may want to get it close to room temperature to use it after it is refrigerated so that it isn’t so solid.

Tahini is also great for those on a vegan diet, dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free, so it is really good for those with multiple food allergies like nut allergies. If you have a sesame allergy, you will need to pass on using tamari. Homemade tahini can be made in just seconds with a food processor.

One of my favorite things about tahini is that many are starting to think outside of the box to include it in baked recipes like muffins, banana bread, brownies, and even cookie recipes. This sesame paste is delicious in cookies, brownies, and other sweets!

Answer: Is Tahini Gluten Free?

Yes, tahini has no gluten ingredients, and it is gluten free.

That being said, I will always advise you to read the ingredients label just to ensure no thickening agent is added to the ground sesame seeds. You will also want to ensure the label doesn’t have a shared equipment warning. Cross-contamination can be an issue with manufactured foods.

Every jar or can of tahini should have allergen statements letting you know if any gluten-containing grain is added as thickeners. The allergen statement is usually found below the nutrition facts table.

Be sure to check out more of my research to see what condiments are gluten free.

Tahini Ingredients:

  • White Sesame Seeds – Many brands use 100% sesame seeds.
  • Olive Oil – Some brands include oil.
  • Lemon Juice – I don’t see this added to tahini often, but sometimes a brand includes lemon juice.
  • Salt – Another ingredient I rarely see added.

If you are making homemade tahini from scratch for the first time, don’t worry. It is really easy to make! You can try different flavors like garlic, vanilla extract, etc, depending on what you are using it for. Tahini is also a great source of protein.

Two jars of tahini next to sesame seeds.

Gluten Free Tahini Brands:

  • Joyva Tahini
  • O Organics Tahini
  • Once Again
  • 365 Organic Tahini
  • Ziyad
  • Kevala
  • Soom
  • Cadia
  • Woodstock Organic Sesame Paste
  • Artisan Organic Tamari

Recipes Using Tahini

There are so many fun recipes you can make with tahini. The whole family will love some of these easy recipes.

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