8 Unusual Ways to Fall in Love With Bok Choy

If you don’t like bok choy, give one of these recipes a try. One may just convince you how good bok choy can be!

8 Recipes to Try If You Hate Bok Choy http://fearlessdining.com

Bok Choy is one of those vegetables you either love it, or you hate….there is no in between.

Have you seen all of the bok choy at your local farmer’s markets lately? Bok Choy is from the cabbage family and it is in season and ready for you to try.

I am going to be brutally honest.

My family doesn’t like bok choy very much. It tends to get a bit slimy when cooked, a definite no-no when kids are involved!

It is a shame because this vegetable is packed with over 70 antioxidants, vitamins A & C, and iron. Bok Choy is a healthy choice to incorporate into your diet….if you don’t have picky family members!

Well, I decided to make a challenge and see if I could find ways my kids would eat bok choy.

I found 8 bok choy recipes that will challenge you and your family to give this green vegetable another chance. From recipes with hidden bok choy, to recipes where bok choy takes the center stage, these are MUST TRY recipes. Ready in under 30 minutes, these recipes are perfect for those busy weekday nights!

These Easy Gluten Free Bok Choy Meatballs are a delicious appetizer that will have your guests fooled. Nobody will know bok choy is hidden in these!

Salmon Bok Choy

This Roasted Salmon with Fennel and Bok Choy looks like a delicious dinner idea.

Easy Bok Choy Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Hide that bok choy in this simple Deviled Egg with Bok Choy and Bacon recipe!

Bok Choy Shallot

Bok Choy Salad with Shallots is a delicious salad idea.

Bok Choy and Beef Noodle Soup

Boy Choy Beef Noodle Soup would be perfect for a cold day.

pork and noodle stir fry

Pork and Noodle Stir Fry is a fun way to hide the bok choy in noodles.

spicy coconut salmon curry

Easy Spicy Coconut Salmon Curry

Bok Choy and Chicken Stir Fry

Bok Choy and Chicken Stir Fry




  1. O I LOVE bok choy! I love getting bunches of baby bok choys and either steaming them cut up or using them raw in salads! I adore that green!

  2. I haven’t quite made up my mind on bok choy yet… I don’t mind it in stir fry but I haven’t really tried it other ways.

  3. I am in the camp of loving bok choy! Unfortunately my regular grocery store doesn’t carry it often, but I grab it whenever I make a trip to whole foods! Thanks for the new ideas!

  4. Oh I love the meatballs!!! A must try for sure!!!

  5. I love the deviled eggs and the fact you hid bok choy in meatballs…brilliant you are!

  6. I like bok choy but have never cooked with it. Thanks for the yummy recipes, Sandi!

  7. We love baby bok choy sauteed in olive oil with salt and pepper, I also like your idea of adding it to meatballs!

  8. I love bok choy – especially in stir fry meals.

  9. Wow, this recipe looks phenomenal. I have been in the mood for hard boiled eggs for a while now. This recipe is the perfect one to use. Thanks!

  10. I’m so glad that you shared this post, Sandi! I’m unfortunately one of those folks who hates Bok Choy – but I really want to eat it as it’s so good for us! I will definitely be giving some of these recipes a try – starting with those lovely meatballs πŸ™‚

  11. I happen to love Bok Choy, so I am enjoying all these ideas. Great collection!

  12. I must admit I have a huge resistance to cooking bok choy myself. I’ve eaten it in delicious dishes before, but when it comes to homemade I just never end up choosing it when shopping. Maybe I should though — these recipes look interesting.

  13. I love bak choy and your use of it in this recipe so creative!

  14. I have to say this couldn’t have come at a better time! I get a bi-weekly “harvest box” of fresh non-GMO, and mostly organic vegetables delivered to my house, and we had 3 heads of baby bok choy and literally said last night “what am I going to do with those?!” I think the Bok choy salad with sesame soy sauce will be first on the list! πŸ™‚

  15. We adore bok choy and I’m thrilled to have found all these great ways to serve it! And I love your slideshow from Mode…very creative and fun!

  16. Your collection of recipes is outstanding, I love making recipe that can handle ingredients others might not enjoy, great for the picky palates in the family.

  17. I have some bok choy growing in my garden right now. Can’t wait to try some of these when they are ready.

  18. I have been loving bok Choy for 30 yrs, so glad that cashiers at Grocery stores are finally familiar with what it is. I love the crunchy texture in stir fry, never had any slimy bok Choy. It s so easy to grow, just throw the leftover base in your soil and you have another head of bok Choy soon. Thanks for sharing these recipes!

  19. Wonderful post!

  20. I don’t make dishes with bok choy very often and I love it! I found some recipes I’ll have to give a try like your deviled eggs!

  21. I have not actually cooked with bok choy before. I know I’ve had it in restaurants and enjoyed but have not taken the leap at home yet. These 8 ways may make me take the leap!

  22. What a great way to enjoy bok choy Sandi! Pinned and Shared!

  23. Such fun ways to eat bok choy!

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