Nerds are sour candy that comes in tiny balls of flavor. You can find several varieties, including chewy, ropes, and gummies. Before you buy a box of Nerds, it is important to know Are Nerds Gluten Free and which varieties are gluten free!

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Answer: Are Nerds Gluten Free?

First, there is a lot of misinformation about this candy online. Four different types of Nerds candy exist, and two have a declared gluten ingredient.

Of the four varieties of Nerds in stores, only original Nerds are most likely gluten free. The manufacturer only declares egg as a potential allergen. There are no obvious gluten ingredients. Ferrara uses gluten-containing gelatin, but that ingredient is NOT in the original flavor of Nerds candy.

What Are Nerds?

Nerds are a popular colorful candy made by Nestlé, which Ferrara Candy Company owns. This company also manufactures SweeTarts, Jujufruits, RedHots, and more.

Nerds’ product line has expanded to include not only the original, fruity tiny candies but also a chewy, rope, and gummy version.

Nerds are easy to find at most convenience stores and grocery stores. They are also a popular candy that is given out during Halloween trick-or-treat.

Original Nerds come in a few flavors, including grape & strawberry, rainbow, and watermelon & cherry. If you have a sweet tooth, check out all of the candies I have researched on my Candy List. Also, read Are Blow Pops Gluten Free for more fruity candy research!

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What Nerds Varieties Are Gluten Free?

When answering the question, are Nerds gluten free? It is important to look at all of the Nerds candy lines. Let’s look at the other varieties of Nerds to see if they are gluten free. One flavor or type of candy is very common to be gluten-free, while others under that product line are not.

Are Big Chewy Nerds Gluten Free?

The answer is Big Chewy Nerds are probably gluten free. They do not contain any obvious gluten ingredients. Ferra doesn’t state this variety of candy is made on shared equipment. We won’t know if this candy is under the 20 ppm requirement because the manufacturer does not test it.

Are Nerds Gummy Clusters Gluten Free?

Answer: Nerds Gummy Clusters are NOT gluten free, and they are not safe if you have celiac or are sensitive to gluten.

Ferrara also has an allergen statement on its website about its gelatin not being gluten-free. The Gummy Clusters contain this gelatin, meaning they probably have gluten.

They are also made on shared equipment with wheat labeled on their packaging.

Are Nerds Rope Candies Gluten Free?

Answer: Nerds Rope Candy is NOT gluten free. As I mentioned in the section about the Gummy Clusters, Ropes contain gelatin, and the manufacturer said their products with gelatin are not gluten free.

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    1. According to the manufacturer, Wonka, regular Nerds do not contain gelatin. The ropes and gummy varieties do and contain, but it comes from animal NOT wheat, barley, or rye.