Did you know Costco has many easy gluten free appetizers and snack foods? All of the options completely blew me away! Here is a list of all the gluten-free snacks and appetizers I found. Costco gluten free appetizers make it so easy to make appetizers and snacks with little fuss.

Four photos of costco snacks on shelves.

Whether you are entertaining for a holiday party, game day, a birthday party, or any get-together…Costco has you covered with a huge assortment of gluten free appetizers. If you are looking for the whole Costco Shopping experience, check out my Costco Shopping Guide. It includes a printable shopping list!!

I can’t wait to show you how easy holiday entertaining can be. All you need to do is head to Costco. You won’t believe how many gluten free appetizer ideas I found. (*This is NOT a paid post; I am just sharing easy gluten free appetizer ideas that I have used at Costco for entertaining.)

Costco is my favorite place to shop for a party because I love to save money. Costco sells bulk portions, which is much cheaper than shopping at a regular grocery store.

Gluten Free Crackers at Costco

Costco typically carries 3 different gluten free crackers. Imagine my surprise when I went to Costco today and found several more delicious gluten free crackers. Paired with Costco cheeses, you have an instant cheese platter for your party.

Crunchmaster gluten free crackers.

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Crackers. Top with hummus and a blackened padrone pepper for a deliciously easy appetizer!

Mary's gluten free crackers at Costco.

Mary’s Gluten Free Crackers. These seeded crackers are one of our favorites!

RWGarcia Crackers at Costco.

RW Garcia Cheesy Crackers

Cheese whisps at costco.

Whisps Cheese Crisps. These are brand new at Costco. Has anyone tried them yet?

Sonoma Cheese crisps at costco.

Sonoma Creamery Cheese Crisps. We love these. They come in several cheese flavors, though Costco only carried this one cheddar bacon flavor.

Some organic rice crackers at costco.

Bin Bin Organic Rice Crackers. Another new cracker choice!

Costco Gluten Free Cheese

Costco has many cheeses to help add to those cheese platters and charcuterie boards. Always check the ingredients to be safe, but every cheese I looked at was gluten free.

Gluten free cheese sampler from costco.

I like this easy Spanish Cheese Sampler pack. It lets you try several kinds of cheese, and they are pre-cut for a platter.

A Kirkland cheese flight.

This fun Kirkland cheese flight even comes with wine pairing suggestions. Costco has some great wines in every price range. You can read more about gluten in wine to make sure your wine is free of gluten. 

Don’t forget the meats…these meats are perfect with cheese and crackers!

Tapas that are gluten free.

These tapas meats by Noel are sold at Costco and are labeled as gluten free!

Antipasto meats for a party.

These antipasto meats by Busseto are also gluten free.

Costco Gluten Free Dips

You won’t believe how many dips are gluten free at Costco. If you love dipping, there is a dip for you. Plus, these dips come in large sizes, so you have enough for your party! (If you love cheese dip, you will want to try this Quick and Easy Cream Cheese Dip recipe too!)

Don’t forget to hit the produce section and buy vegetables to dip into these gluten free dips!!

A parm asiago cheese dip.

Not only is this Parm Asiago Dip gluten free, but it is also keto-friendly! Sold by Blue Moose brand.

Sabra Hummus at Costco.

This Sabra Hummus is a staple at our parties and get-togethers.

Greek Yogurt dip.

La Terra Fina makes a lot of gluten free dips that are sold at Costco. This spinach and artichoke dip is made with Greek yogurt for extra creaminess. It is also Keto friendly!

Smoked salmon dip containers.

This smoked salmon dip is great on tortilla chips or crackers!

Artichoke jalapeno dip containers.

This artichoke and jalapeño dip has a nice spicy kick!

Gluten Free Chips at Costco

There are lots of chips at Costco that are gluten free and perfect for dipping!

Costco organic tortilla chips/

These gluten free Kirkland organic tortilla chips are our favorite!

Late July brand chips.

Late July makes great multigrain tortilla chips. Often, Costco has these in several flavors, too.

Food should taste good tortilla chips.

Food Should Taste Good also makes some great “healthier” tortilla chips.

Gluten Free Finger Foods at Costco

You can reheat many pre-cooked finger foods quickly to serve at a party!

Packages of chicken skewers at costco.

These chicken skewers by West End Cuisine are a big hit. Dip in barbecue sauce or this gluten free curry sauce.

Organic Cauliflower Bites.

Heat up these cauliflower bites by Don Lee Farms. Just add toothpicks. They are packed with flavor!

Aideles meatballs.

Aidells Meatballs are gluten free. Heat a bowl of marinara for dipping!

Edamame at Costco.

Heat this precooked edamame and top with salt! (Don’t forget to put an empty bowl for the shells next to the serving dish.)

Stuffed grape leaves.

These stuffed grape leaves also make a great healthy finger food!

An appetizer of crackers and hummus on a cheese board.

You can also make great appetizers from what you bring, like these Padrone pepper crackers.

I hope you enjoyed these easy appetizer ideas. While you are here, don’t forget to check out all of the delicious gluten free appetizers on my blog. Here are some of my most popular gluten free appetizers:

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  1. I recently bought Vidalia Onion dip from Costco. A lot like hummus – it was yummy, especially with Crunchmaster crackers!