Fish sauce is a savory sauce that is made with fermented fish and salt. It is used in many Asian cooking recipes, especially in Vietnamese cuisine. Before you add it to that recipe you are making, you need to find out: Is Fish Sauce Gluten Free?

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What Is Fish Sauce?

Fish sauce is an Asian condiment that is used both to season foods and it is used in recipes. Fish sauce is made by fermenting small fish with salt. It can be fermented for a few months to several years.

The key ingredient in fish sauce is fish. Most brands use small fish like anchovies or sardines. This fish gives the fish sauce a savory taste. (Note there are no vegan fish sauce options.)

There are many quality levels, but premium fish sauce is considered the best because it is fermented with anchovies and salt and has no added ingredients.

Fish sauce is used in many types of Asian cooking, including traditional Thai cuisines. Vietnamese cooking uses fish sauce in dishes like pad Thai. Fish sauce is getting more popular, and you can find it at many Asian and traditional grocery stores.

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Answer: Is Fish Sauce Gluten Free?

The answer depends mainly on the brand and whether the fish sauce is gluten free. Many Asian sauces are not labeled in English, so determining if a product is gluten free can be hard. If you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you need to be sure to stick to the safe gluten free fish sauce brands I list below.

If you are on a gluten-free diet, stick with the brands listed below. These brands are gluten-free because they are made with fish and salt. Some brands of conventional fish sauce add wheat extracts, so it is important to know if a fish sauce is safe before ingesting it. Some brands also have added msg, which tends to be an allergen for many. Always read the ingredient list. If that list isn’t in a language you can read, it is best to skip it and use a brand that you know is gluten free.

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Brands of Gluten Free Fish Sauce:

There are several brands of fish sauce that you can buy. Many brands do not label or list gluten as an ingredient but do not say they are gluten-free. I recommend sticking with these brands of fish sauce. None of these brands are made in a gluten-free facility, nor are any specifically certified gluten-free.

  • Red Boat
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Ocean’s Halo
  • A Taste of Thai

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