Coconut milk is a thick and creamy beverage. It is often used in both cooking and baking recipes, and those on a dairy-free diet enjoy it. If you are on a special diet, it is important before you buy a carton or can of coconut milk to know Is Coconut Milk Gluten Free.

What Is Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is a thick, creamy beverage made from fresh or dried coconut. It has a smooth texture and is a great dairy-free milk alternative. Many people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and those on a paleo diet are also dairy-free. Coconut milk is a great alternative to regular milk. You can buy coconut milk in cans or in a container in the grocery store’s refrigerated section.

Coconut milk can be made in four ways: fresh coconuts (the most difficult), shredded coconut, coconut butter, or coconut cream. If you have to avoid dairy products, a coconut milk beverage could be a great option. It is considered a staple food in many countries.

You can also make this delicious homemade Gluten Free Coconut Milk recipe!

Answer: Is Coconut Milk Gluten Free?

Whether coconut milk is gluten free or not can depend on added ingredients. Canned coconut is gluten free. Most canned, regular coconut milk is gluten free as it is only made with coconut and water. This is the same for canned full-fat and light coconut milk. Light canned coconut milk is typically made with coconut, water, guar gum, or xanthan gum. These are added as a thickening agent. Canned coconut cream is also gluten free.

It gets tricky when using refrigerated coconut milk or coconut heavy creams. The coconut milk you buy in refrigerated cartons can have a lot of added ingredients. You often will see added cane sugar, salt, vanilla, natural flavor, artificial ingredients and flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives. It will also depend on the brand of refrigerated coconut milk.

Suppose you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. In that case, it is critical that you read the nutrition label on each brand’s carton to ensure there are no gluten-containing ingredients. All nutritional information should be on the label, including an allergen list. In the U.S., companies need to declare if there is gluten in a product.

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Typical Refrigerated Coconut Milk Ingredients:

Refrigerated coconut milk is best for pouring in coffee, drinking in a glass, and over your morning cereal. You will notice none of the more common brands add sugar in their plain flavors.

  • So Delicious – Organic coconut milk (filtered water, organic coconut cream), organic guar gum, tricalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, xanthan gum, L-selenomethionine (selenium), vitamin A acetate, vitamin D2, zinc oxide, vitamin B12.
  • Silk – Coconutmilk (Filtered Water, Coconut Cream), Vitamin And Mineral Blend (Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12), Dipotassium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Locust Bean Gum, Gellan Gum, Ascorbic Acid (To Protect Freshness), Natural Flavor.
  • Simple Truth – Filtered water, coconut cream, calcium carbonate, carrageenan, xanthan gum, guar gum, natural flavors, gellan gum, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, vitamin B12.
  • Pacific Foods Coconut Milk – Water, coconut cream, gellan gum, guar gum, natural flavor, sodium citrate, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin D2, xanthan gum.
  • O Organics Coconut Milk – Organic Coconut Blend (Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Cream), Tricalcium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Extract, Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum, Organic Guar Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol).
  • Good & Gather Coconut Milk – Organic Coconutmilk (Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Cream) Tricalcium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Organic Vanilla Extract, Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum, Organic Guar Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol).

Typical Canned Coconut Milk Ingredients:

Canned coconut milk tends to have fewer ingredients, and it is thick coconut milk compared to refrigerated coconut milk. I use canned coconut milk in both sweet and savory recipes. Canned coconut cream is often used to make dairy-free ice cream. Some use organic coconuts, while others do not.

  • Native Forest – Organic Coconut Milk (Filtered Water, Organic Coconut, Organic Guar Gum). They also make a guar gum-free Simple Coconut Milk.
  • Goya Coconut Milk – Coconut Milk, Water, Potassium Metabisulfite (As A Preservative).
  • O Organics Canned Coconut Milk – Organic Coconut, Purified Water, Organic Guar Gum.
  • Thai Kitchen Canned Coconut Milk – Water, Coconut, & Guar Gum.

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Learn more about which plant milk varieties and brands are gluten free. If you are looking for some delicious meals with coconut milk, here are 35 Easy Coconut Milk Recipes to try.

Brands Of Gluten Free Coconut Milk:

  • Silk Coconut Milk (original and unsweetened)
  • So Delicious Coconutmilk
  • O Organics Coconut Milk
  • Good & Gather Coconut Milk (Target)
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Native Forest Coconut Milk
  • Pacific Foods Coconut Milk
a photo of the mango sushi made with coconut milk.

Recipes That Use Coconut Milk:

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