There are so many gluten free foods at Walmart Stores! Walmart is taking huge strides towards being a destination for inexpensive gluten-free food options.

I don’t know how Walmart keeps their gluten free foods priced so low, but it is worth the trip to shop at Walmart!!

A collage of photos of groceries on the shelf at Walmart.

Have you been to your local Walmart lately? I go to Walmart fairly often because their prices for gluten free are the cheapest in town! (I mean real gluten free brands; the ones that cost double at other stores!)

Download this printable shopping list:

Use this handy store finder to find a Walmart near you. I shop at their grocery stores that they fondly call Walmart Neighborhood Market, but I have found many of the same gluten free foods at the Walmart Super Center nearby too. If you love saving money, you can also find great deals on gluten free foods at other stores. Check out the Gluten Free Guide to Grocery Outlet!

Does Walmart carry gluten free foods?

As you know from my popular Costco Gluten Free Shopping post, product variety definitely varies by store. Walmart has a ton of great gluten free both in stores and online.

Let’s start by looking at how extensive Walmart’s gluten-free food section is. However, Walmart is making gluten free sections! But many stores still have gluten-free foods scattered around the store, so don’t forget to look all over the store!)

Gluten free Aisle at my local Walmart store.

Can you believe how many gluten free products at Walmart there are? Our store pulled together many gluten-free foods and made an official Gluten Free Section! (There are still gluten free foods scattered around the store, but this is a nice big section that makes gluten free shopping at Walmart so much easier!

The gluten free aisle goes from the right of this photo, almost to the other end! It’s about 12 feet long!!

And wait until you see the prices!! They have the same brands as regular grocery stores, but much cheaper!! Glutino, Schar, Kinnicki, Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, all of the most popular gluten free brands are at Walmart.

A section of the gluten free aisle at Walmart.

What gluten free brands does Walmart carry?

Walmart carries many gluten free brands, including Udis, Krusteaz, Glutino, King Arthur, Van’s, Enjoy Life, CocoRoons, Free to Eat, Schar, Canyon Bakehouse, Skinny Pop, Annie’s, Kinnikinik, and more. They even have a lot of their Great Value Brands that are labeled gluten free.

Gluten free snacks at Walmart:

Look at all of the name-brand gluten-free snacks you can find. Don’t forget to print out the printable shopping list to bring!

Another section of the gluten free aisle at walmart.

More gluten free snacks, gluten free crackers, gluten free cake mixes, Walmart! (It took 4 pictures to get the whole gluten free aisle for you. I wanted you to see all of the gluten free products!

Gluten Free Crackers by Glutino and Schar, Glutino Pop-Tarts, Annie’s Granola Bars, and more gluten-free crackers.

Section 3 of the gluten free aisle at walmart.

There are a ton of gluten free snacks, including:

Walmart has so many gluten free snacks, it is hard to choose what to buy. A lot of these snacks would be perfect for a school lunch box, too!

The last section of the gluten free aisle at Walmart.

I bought some of those Canyon House Bagels. They taste delicious in breakfast sandwiches.

You will also find:

  • Gluten free pasta and boxed gluten free mac and cheese
  • Gluten free tamari
  • Gluten free bread and bagels
  • Gluten Free spices at Walmart

Gluten free frozen meals:

There are so many gluten free frozen meal options at Walmart. I didn’t get pictures of everything. These meals are perfect for busy nights when you don’t have time to cook. Gluten free products are everywhere! Lots of paleo-prepared meals too if you are trying to stay grain-free!

A frozen freezer full of beetnick paleo frozen dinners.

Who knew Walmart had paleo foods? They have an ENTIRE freezer case of paleo frozen dinners. Look at the prices, too! If you eat paleo, check out all of my Paleo Recipes.

Gluten free meal kits:

A shelf at Walmart with gluten free Indian meal kits.

If you love Ethnic foods, these Meal Kits by Marion’s Kitchen are all gluten free. They had gluten free Chinese and Indian foods.

Gluten free bread at Walmart:

Walmart carries several types of gluten free bread. Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, Schar, Great Value, and more! Canyon Bakehouse, Schar, and Great Value will be found on the shelves, and Udi’s is in their frozen section.

A freezer case at Walmart full of gluten free foods.

Another big freezer case filled with gluten free frozen pizzas, gluten free frozen dinners, and gluten free bread! Almost the whole case was filled with Udi’s gluten free products.

If you love pizza, try my Gluten Free Flatbread Pizza recipe!

Walmart freezer case with Gluten free chicken tenders and burritos

Gluten free prepared meals:

Walmart has several kinds of gluten free chicken nuggets, gluten free chicken tenders, and gluten free burritos. This Coconut Pecan Chicken Tenders recipe is delicious if you want to make your own gluten-free chicken tenders!

Tiger Tiger Curry in a hurry packages.

Has anyone ever tried these Curry in No Time prepared meals? Walmart gets the best gluten free food variety.

Boxes of gluten free freschetta frozen pizza.

Freschetta gluten free pizzas used to be owned by a company called Sabatassos. These are by far one of my favorite gluten free frozen pizzas.

A freezer section with gluten free frozen waffles.

Crappy picture, sorry, but yummy gluten free waffles. Aren’t these waffles $6 at other grocery stores?

Containers of miso broth on a store shelf.

I can’t wait to try this gluten free miso broth from Ocean’s Halo.

Gluten free pasta and side dishes:

Packages of paleo noodles by Angel Hair.

I have never heard of Miracle Noodles, but I recently tried them. They are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO!

Walmart shelf with packages of rice ramen.

We tried these gluten free ramen noodles by Lotus Foods recently. My son definitely prefers plain noodles where we can make our own broth. They are like Cup of Noodles, but much healthier! Use them to make this gluten free ramen recipe.

Packages of gluten free tortillas at Walmart.

Gluten free tortillas. These Mission gluten free tortillas make incredible quesadillas and burritos!

Guerro gluten free tortilla assortment on a shelf.

Guerro makes so many types of gluten free tortillas. Walmart has them all! Use them to make these blackened shrimp tacos.

Boxes of Hungry Jack gluten free mashed potatoes.

Hungry Jack gluten free mashed potatoes. Use these to make this Sloppy Joe Pie recipe.

A shelf with boxes of quinoa.

Not only do they have a large assortment of quinoa, but they also have several kinds of organic rice. Quinoa is really great for Buddha Bowls.

Gluten free condiments and baking flours

Organic ketchup bottles on a shelf.

Did I mention that Walmart has a ton of organics?

Bottles of Kinder's gluten free barbecue sauce.

Gluten free Kinder’s BBQ sauces are our favorite!

Bottles of Tsang's gluten free Asian sauces on a shelf.

Have you tried Tsang’s gluten free Asian Sauces? We love their peanut sauce!

Bags of almond flour and coconut flour on a store shelf.

Lots of gluten free flours that I use all of the time! I love using almond and coconut flours in my baking.

Gluten free flour on a shelf.

Not only do they carry several gluten free flours in the gluten free section of Walmart, but they also have Pillsbury Gluten Free Flour in the baking section!

Jars of organic coconut oil on a shelf.

I also use coconut oil in many of my recipes. They have organic coconut oil at Walmart at such a low price!

Gluten free cereals and snack foods:

Enviro Kids gluten free cereals on a store shelf.

My kids love these EnviroKidz cereals. Can you believe these gluten free cereals are only $3.68? I paid a lot more than that at the other grocery store!

Boxes of gluten free Chex cereals on a store shelf.

Walmart has all varieties of Chex gluten free cereals, and they carry several flavors of gluten free Cheerios, too.

Boxes of gluten free Kind snack bars.

In addition to the Lara bars and other gluten free bars, they also have these Kind Bars.

Walmart is your place for gluten free food shopping!

WHEW! There you have it…Walmart gluten free products are everywhere!!! I will work on pulling it all together into a printable shopping list. 

If you see more gluten free at your Walmart, please leave a comment so I can add it to this list for everyone!

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  1. This must depend on which Walmart you go to. I didn’t see a gluten free section at mine. I will check a few others in my area.

    1. Hi Jason, a few other readers have commented that not all Walmarts have pulled their gluten free foods into a separate section. The products may be mixed into the regular departments. Please let me know if this is the case where you are.

      1. Carroll, Iowa store dosn’t have much for Gluten Free 1 small case in freezer and everything else is just mixed in wherever with like kinds like cake mixes,flour etc I usually go to grocery store cause theirs is mostly together makes shopping eaiser to get into and out of the store faster

      2. I am not sure where you are located, but you can order some of the gluten free foods on Walmart’s website too.

  2. Have you seen and tried the Gluten Free Sam’s Choice Ancient Grains bread from Walmart? I found it in the regular bread aisle instead of among the gluten free products. It is my favorite so far! I found that I can actually make an enjoyable sandwich without toasting it first (assuming you have kept it in the fridge instead of the freezer).
    They have (hoagie size) hotdog buns that are also very good. They unfortunately do not have the wonderful fiber content that the ancient grains bread does, but that is all too common in gluten free bakery items. Lu

    1. I haven’t seen those yet. I will have to look when I go next week. Thank you so much for your note Lu.

  3. Thank you for a job well done. I am thankful that Wal Mart has so many gluten free products at reasonable prices. I thank you for taking the time to do this project. Looking forward to your list.
    Your blog is a huge blessing for me as I eat gluten free also.

    1. I hear you Mary. I was just at Walmart today. It helps us save so much money. Take care, Sandi

    1. Hi Summer, I am so sorry I haven’t had a chance yet. I will try to work on it this weekend. Thank you so much for your patience.

    1. Another reader mentioned these via the Facebook group. I will have to look for these next. Thank you so much Vicky 🙂

  4. I keep telling people that they need to check out Walmart for gluten free/paleo stuff. It’s amazing to me how much stuff they have now and even their store brand gluten free stuff is fantastic. They’ve really done a great job with all of it.

    1. I was really surprised. Walmart has a stereotype and I think people don’t give it a fair chance. I can’t believe how much I saved on my gluten free this week! Thank you for stopping by Amanda 🙂

  5. Hudson Mills GF cornbread mix is also rice free. I’m rice sensitive (waaaah) so I always stock up when I go. Some of the paleo frozen meals are ok… some are dreadful. The idea is awesome though.


    1. I didn’t realize their cornbread was rice free. This is great news for those trying to cut back on rice.

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