Tomato sauce is very pasty and thick. It is the ingredient that helps thicken pasta sauce and chili, and it adds a layer of flavor that can make your food taste better. Many wonder what makes it so thick, and is tomato paste gluten free?

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What Is Tomato Paste?

Tomato paste is a thick condensed tomato puree that you can buy at any local grocery store. To make tomato paste really thick, tomatoes are cooked in large pots for hours. This cooks down the liquid, leaving a thick paste. The seeds and skins are strained out, leaving a smooth paste.

Many use Roma tomatoes, but you can use any variety of tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes to make tomato paste. You need about 5 pounds of tomatoes to make tomato paste.

Tomato paste is the star in many Italian pasta dishes because it adds intense, almost caramelized tomato flavors. It thickens sauces as well.

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Answer: Is Tomato Paste Gluten Free?

Is tomato paste gluten free? Yes! In almost all instances, tomato paste is gluten free. Tomato paste is made with tomatoes and citric acid, a preservative. I advise you always to read the ingredients label to be sure, but every can I have checked has no added gluten ingredients.

If you don’t like store-bought tomato paste, you can easily also make homemade tomato paste. This is a really easy recipe to follow.

Gluten Free Brands Of Tomato Paste

  • Cento
  • Signature Select and O Organics (Albertson’s chains of grocery stores)
  • Good & Gather (Target)
  • Bionature Tomato Paste
  • Hunts Tomato Paste
  • Kirkland Organic Tomato Paste
  • Thrive Market Tomato Paste
  • Contadina
  • Muir Glen
  • Aldi’s house brand
  • Cadia Tomato Paste
The top of a jar of homemade pizza sauce.

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Ways To Use Tomato Paste:

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