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  1. Jenni LeBaron

    This is a fantastic list! I love shishito peppers and think they are a lovely accompaniment to most meals. I always seem to be the one that gets that random super spicy one though!

    • Sandi Gaertner

      LOL, I am jealous. I wish I was the one to find the spicy ones!

      • Cherri

        I just found one and trust me, you don’t want to find one. I had to eat sour cream to help cool the burn.

      • Sandi Gaertner

        Sour cream is a great idea!

  2. Jaclyn Anne

    I always passed up the shishito peppers since I didn't know what to make with them - thanks for all these great recipe ideas!

    • Sandi Gaertner

      I am so glad this shishito articles was helpful for you Jaclyn 🙂

  3. Daniela

    I LOVE shishito peppers but after reading your post, I noticed that I knew very little about them. For example, who knew that there's also a red variety??? That gazpacho looks like the tastiest, most refreshing thing ever, so I will definitely be making it once I can find the peppers at the farmers market. Thanks for the inspo!

    • Sandi Gaertner

      I have been searching our Farmer's Market every week to try to find the red ones this season...they were really tasty!

    • Mary Word

      Your article is a bit confusing about the red ones. Near the beginning it says they are better eaten green, then later you say how great the red ones are. They ripen to red, just like any other pepper. (Or yellow or orange or whatever the mature color is.) I am growing some now, and plan to let most of them ripen before picking, as even spicy peppers get a nice hint of sweetness when ripe, like a red jalapeno. I expect it is harder to find red ones, as the ripe ones would not keep as well as green. I advocate growing your own peppers if possible, so you can pick at the peak of whatever stage you like best!

      • Sandi Gaertner

        Hi Mary, Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to ask the farmer I buy the red shishito peppers from. According to Tomatero Farm (at our Farmer's Market) the red shishito peppers they grow are not green shishito peppers that turn red. These are an heirloom variety that only is red. I hope this helps clear up the misunderstanding.

  4. Pam Greer

    Our local ramen restaurant has the best shishito peppers. I had no idea I could do some recipes at home! My only decision is which one to try first!

    • Sandi Gaertner

      LOL, try them all over a few weeks? I bet they are great in ramen!

  5. Ashleigh Hett

    I'm thinking I need to go find some peppers and try some of these recipes... 🙂

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